April 29, 2013

A Bit More Spring

Hello, friends, may your Monday be as bright and beautiful as it is here today.

You might not remember, but there is an open small briefcase on the top shelf of a bookcase in our living room.It normally holds all kinds of blank and other greeting cards, envelopes and other small paper items. In December it was pre-empted to use for decorating; here is a picture:
It seemed like celebrating spring in a similar fashion would be a good idea, too. Out with the cards and instead:
A little spring-themed potting bench, completed with feathered friends, a china house, small chair with bird and a candle. All of the contents of the suitcase, as well as itself and the other items on the top shelf are from thrift shops over a number of years.
That's the project for Monday. Not a big deal, just an extra hint of the season in one corner of the room, but definitely more fun than tending cat boxes!


1 comment:

Dewena Callis said...

Now that is so pretty! A very good idea. If I had only kept the few old odd suitcases I had years ago that I simply used for storage.

Well, I guess you have to get around to the cat boxes sometime, don't you?