May 13, 2016

The Write Stuff

Hello, Friends,

I hope you're well this fine Friday spring afternoon. While on the mend from the annoying head cold, small projects are all I can get done still this week. A recent one involved my address book. Yes, that's a primitive concept, you're right. But storing things on the computer or other device didn't go well for me once in the past, with nearly a whole year's reading list of books wiped out with a hard drive crash, that made me wary. Computer can go bad, phones, get lost, but a hard copy address book is efficient and not likely to tempt a thief. This is the one in current use:
It's probably at least fifteen years old and showing its age.
That's the binding separating at the spine. Time for a replacement! This turned up in a thrift recently, .99 cents on 30% discount day and brand new.
Nothing fancy, but a nice little book, easy to check, small enough to go in a bag if needed.  I used an old vintage postcard to do this:
and make a pocket inside the front cover. Now, there is space for:
stamps! How easy will it be to dash off a note or send a card to a friend now? 

It's the weekend so have a good one!