October 8, 2015

It's not pretty

Our dining room, that is. Sadly, there is no one else in the world who can be blamed for the hot mess that is this space, aside from a little spillage and such by Mr. B's wine bar. No, all the rest of it is mine. Today it seemed imperative to at least make a dent in the detritus. This is just one end of the room:
See what I mean? Four + hours later, there is slight progress. 
The desk is cleaned off, the bulletin board hung instead of left leaning, another nail was added to keep the lamp straight and a picture hung. 
This rolling plastic crate picked up at Sand Dollar recently now holds the things that will go on ebay in the coming week as descriptions of each item is written. I have also done some work on the bookcase to the right of the desk, but none to the one on the left. The table has been cleared and the vacuum cleaner been deployed. It is marginally more sanitary. Not clean enough to have guests come over and eat a meal, but I'll keep chipping away till that's an option. That was my Thursday afternoon. I hope yours was more fun.


October 6, 2015

Fall, Take Two

Hello, all,

This was a busy day, with a trip to the dentist who isn't close or convenient anymore since we moved. Still, it seems silly to switch when it only happens twice a year. So, not too productive today, but a little more decorating was done.

An acorn dish on the table in the library.

Acorns in silver containers and a brown bird on the corner shelf above it.
Autumn leaf swag on the screen in the living room.
A seed pod ball in a leaf-shaped dish.
Berries and foliage on the cross wall peg rack. 

I hope you're enjoying the seasonal changes as they arrive, wherever you live.

Have a good one,

October 5, 2015

Fall at last

Hello, everyone,

We had glorious weather all weekend. Everyone you encountered was smiling and in a good mood, which is definitely not the case during the summer! Since it finally didn't feel like one of the outer rings of the Inferno, it seemed like a good time to shift decor from heat to relief. 
A pumpkin and feathers in the dining room. On the adjacent wall, the board with canvas slots:
got a harvest touch with a garland of apples on top.
 Some acorns and pumpkins in the birdcage. 
And some pears on the bookends. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. Manna was so busy today I'm flat worn out. Off to collapse on the sofa now.


October 2, 2015

It's a squirrel thing.

Hello, friends,

I hope your day is going well so far.

Today despite a vow to work hard,  decorating siphoned off my interest early in the process, so it seemed a good idea to go with the urge now and get it out of my system. If you recall, in this post:

the basket features a heavy wire squirrel found in a thrift shop a while back. He's stayed put in the dining room, but there is a celebration of his friends going on in the living room now, too.
There are several refugees from other thrift trips, plus one that was a Christmas gift last year from my friend Gill, the silver metal nutcracker on the left. One of my favorite parts of this season is to take out the small picture in the back. It's actually a greeting card from my pal in Austin, Betty. It is so pretty it was saved and framed for more than one year's worth of enjoyment.
This little cutie holds a pine cone votive candle.

Another candle holder. This one is very heavy and bears a few scuffs and scars after being dropped on the floor. 

Mr. Nutcracker has found an acorn and looks ready to take off and hide it. 
This tiny Nutkin normally lives on the kitchen windowsill, but wanted to join the party with his buddies. 

This reminds me of when oldest daughter took ballet decades ago, and the annual recital was a woodland themed production. Among many glitches and disasters that occurred in the effort involved to get dozens of small girls to perform, there was a major issue with some costumes. A number of moms didn't sew the ears on their child's squirrel headdress, which left those unfortunate children looking as though they strayed in from a dance based on "Planet of the Apes" instead. 

Okay, there are no more excuses to avoid cleaning now, are there? Guess it would be best to start by clearing up the mess made setting out this vignette. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


October 1, 2015

October. Really?

Hello, everyone,

Are you as bewildered as I am that we're in the tenth month of the year? How on earth can this be? On the other hand, that makes it officially all right to start fall decorating, so here goes. I was gone a good while today and worked on the vacuum cleaner once home again, so this is a very modest effort.
It's always good to start at the front door, don't you think? Meanwhile, off in the dining room, the terrarium on the buffet got a seasonal face lift:
The tall glass jar holds acorns and there is other material on the floor of the container. 
Raffia, seed pods, a wicker ball and a few berries. Not much, but it's a start.

Take it easy.


September 30, 2015

Nature. It isn't always natural or easy

Hello, friends,

How has your last day of September gone? Mine has been fairly productive with some chores done and errands run. When finished with some of the must dos, my thought turned to a little light decorating. After filling the bird feeder and bath yesterday I found a bunch of seed pods from the magnolia tree on the side of the house next to the street  and thought they would be a nice touch of nature inside. At first I tried them in a small footed glass dish:
along with some acorns. The cats wanted to investigate. Trixie, the Snoopervisor showed up first.
She left, under protest.
Even under the little greenhouse she and Flossie are fascinated.

Maybe the greenhouse idea needs to be scrapped, but they still can't be loose in a bowl. You know how long that would last. 
What about this cloche today, courtesy of Family Thrift for $1.91?
That makes the contents easier to see. Yep, this works for me. A touch of nature that won't go AWOL with sneaky cats.

Have a good one!


September 29, 2015

Tiny on Tuesday

Hello, all,

Sliding in at the last minute with a very small effort to report. Recently there were changes made in our kitchen because we bought a new, larger microwave. It wouldn't fit on the small shelf Mr. B hung (poorly!) over the  stove.

That's the before.
Here's the after. This photo doesn't show the large blank space that up to now was unseen because of the microwave. Meanwhile, for several years I've had:
this vintage casserole lid. It is thick and heavy with a blue line around the rim. Look at those sweet flowers! No, we don't have the dish it came from, but for .90 cents at Sand Dollar, could you pass it up? I didn't think so. It occurred to me, why not kill two birds with one stone? Put it out where it can be admired and at the same time, take the curse off that blank wall over the shelf? Thus, we now have:
A small but effective addition, don't you think? 

Gotta go, there's a meal to fix so Tim won't weep and miles of floors still left to sweep.