September 1, 2014

Just a quickie

Hello, all,

I hope you're having a nice long weekend and send off to summer. One of the things I roped Mr. B into doing was to hang the collage from last week, so here is a look at it in place:
It's in the hallway outside our bedroom, between it and the bath, so we will see it often and be reminded of this timeline of family life.

That's it for now. See you tomorrow.


August 29, 2014

Friday, Friday

Hello, friends,

I guess most folks are happy that today starts a holiday weekend. I hope your plans work out well with no weather complications. We're supposed to have rain. Today I worked with an item purchased at Sand Dollar earlier in the week, an empty frame. I forgot to take a picture of it first, but it is a big black frame that cost $3.80. Of course, in the way of too many projects, it wasn't easy. The four sides were connected with small plastic triangular pieces. The first one removed with a flat head screw driver flew into the air, apparently into another dimension. Seriously, it has yet to be found, even after using a broom under furniture and checking the basket under the coffee table. Sigh. Anyway, I took a bunch of loose pictures and created this:
It is a random selection with a variety of shots of my children, grandchildren, Mr. B near the top right when both his hair and beard were a lot longer and old friends. Close to the middle is a picture of our wedding in the chapel at Christ Church Cathedral. The tot in the bright yellow playground equipment started middle school last week, hard to believe.

Here are two of the top and bottom sections:
The fence is in front of the house we lived in before hurricane Ike dropped a tree on it. There are my in-laws, my youngest daughter with My Friend Mandy, or maybe that's one of her friends, since Mandy was blond. My bil in a plaid shirt, cat and granddaughter interacting and youngest daughter standing on her head. It would have been a more fun walk down memory lane if not for the hassle the double-sided tape was and the missing corner piece. It's going to hang in the little hallway outside our bedroom where it can be seen every time anyone goes into the area. I wanted to put it in the other hall but it has so many thermostats, smoke detector, carbon monoxide gadgets and ac return along with no less than five doors that it was impossible. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


August 28, 2014

The Clean Scene

Hello, all,

Today I will show you my interpretation of an idea that came from another blogger. Manuela at A Cultivated Nest did a post with several ideas for organizing one time. Yesterday while at Dollar Tree I remembered it and decided to give it a try.Here are the materials:
and this is the result:
Placemats as shelf liners. I wasn't sure about the size, so yesterday I just got two to try. It turns out two're the exact right size for this older, plain vanilla appliance. This morning I stopped again and got more to do the remaining shelf and pair of crispers. They are extremely thin, easy to wipe off, and I think the small, dense allover pattern in silver is neutral enough to work well in that kind of space. The other ones the same size and thickness were extremely bright, busy pictures. This should be easier to notice spills on for quick removal. I can't neglect to mention the original blogger who first posted and inspired my effort. You can find that here:
It really is wonderful how it is possible to share great ideas via the internet, and here is one of the best. Let's hear it for further creation of sanitation!

Have a good one,


August 27, 2014

Small change

Hi, friends,

Yesterday was more Eye Surgery, the Sequel, and a lot of today taken up by a post-op visit. That sort of fun never ends when you start getting old, alas. This is why there was no post yesterday. This morning, while looking for something in  a storage closet I found another picture and as a result, revised the gallery wall. I knew there was a second of those fruit prints somewhere. The apples migrated away from their plum pals, but now are on the wall as a team again. 
The oval bird picture needs to be higher but that will need to be done by Mr. B, who is much taller and won't need to stand on anything. I am glad to have found the other half of the pair to use both. Here's one more look:
It's not great, but getting better. That's the thing about moving, everything stays a work in progress for quite a while.

Take it easy!


August 25, 2014

Hang On

Hello, folks,

I hope you had a nice weekend. We didn't get as much done around here as I'd hoped, so I tried to knock out a few things done today before having a second surgery for cataracts tomorrow, when my productivity will probably be low. Today I did get some more things on the walls, at least. In the dining room, behind a door:
My old reliable Ikea blackboard and holder. Ready to take notes or hold small items. In our bedroom, over my bedside table:
This old favorite picture from a thrift store of a cottage at the end of a winding path beside a lake. It's hard to see but the colors are delicate and it's sort of on the impressionistic side, style-wise. The frame is from a thrift store but the mat came from a craft shop. One goal for the weekend was to get another purely practical shelf hung for kitchen things, but that didn't happen. Mr. B declared the project impossible with current hardware available. Meanwhile, the effort to chip away at remaining things to go on the walls will continue as soon as my right eye is seeing clearly again--tomorrow would be just fine with me!

Have a good one!

August 19, 2014

The things you see!

Hello, friends,

Since we still need furniture and rugs I've been checking places that sell these items while out running errands and making a few special trips. One was to a consignment store near where we lived before. They didn't have what we are looking for, specifically comfortable chairs and affordable rugs. The rugs were priced astronomically, and we're not talking priceless orientals in every case, either. The chairs seemed to be in one of two categories: either wing back, which I don't want for the library, while all the rest fell into what I privately called Giant/Ugly. Really, huge pieces in improbable designs with hideous fabric seemed to be the order of the day when I was there. 

Another piece totally fascinated me, though You can see it here:

It is a sofa with an upholstered back and seat, set into a wooden frame. Behind the back, on top are bookcases and one cabinet that closes. On the left as you look at the picture is a built-in end table that has shelves below and a cupboard that closes on the side that can't be seen. The opposite end, to the right, has a section of shelves with curbed edges, perhaps for ornaments since they aren't wide enough for magazines and books.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this piece? The woodwork reminds me of built ins I've seen in older homes with Craftsman features. It's in good shape, considering it seems fairly old. It's not anything we can really use, but it still intrigues me. It certainly would be a perfect conversation piece, that's obvious. Have you ever run into something that really piqued your interest, even though it clearly isn't what you need at the time?

Have a good one,

August 18, 2014

Quick Fix

Hi, Folks,

That title may not be accurate  Quickest fix or laziest fix may be closer to the truth. We are living in a rented house with large, square ceramic tile floors in every room. Some of them were cracked or damaged before we ever moved in. Like this, or in some cases, worse:
See the crack across the whole width? Here is the same section of floor:
What made the crack vanish? Nothing but plain old blackboard chalk, rubbed into the damaged area, with the excess on the surface wiped off afterward. Sure, it isn't actually repaired, but if someone was coming over, five minutes would make it disappear unless the visitor was actually lying on the floor with their face less than an inch from the spot. Chalk has worked on other surfaces to wholly disguise a small flaw and has the advantage of being cheap, easy and non-toxic. What's not to love? 

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Later, Michele