October 22, 2014

A little commercial

Hi, everyone,

This is just a brief plug to tell you that I sell on eBay. My ID is bea4books.


I sell books, collectibles and a little bit of everything and would love if you'd come check it out one of these days.

There are books, linens, mugs and more

so come by and visit one of these days.

Have a good one,

October 20, 2014

A friend in need . . .

Hello, friend,

I hope your week is off to a good start. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day cooking a couple of meals for an old friend whose daughter is having major surgery tomorrow. We met when our daughters were in the same kindergarten class and a lot of years have passed since then! It seemed like sparing her a few hours in the kitchen while all this is going on was a worthwhile effort. So, around noon the cooking began. Here are the results:

The large pan has a chicken and spaghetti casserole in it. There are two containers of salad, a loaf of bread, butter and another loaf of pumpkin bread.
The second meal is pot roast, potatoes and carrots, green beans cooked with purple onion slivers and walnuts, gravy and an apple pie. Nothing fancy, but dishes most people are used to and like well enough.
And here it all is, packed to take to her house. I am still tired today, all that standing on my feet most of the afternoon about did me in, but it was worth it if it helps this family while their concern is with a loved one. 

Have a wonderful week!


October 17, 2014

The culled, the neat and the pretty


My morning has been spent in the closet, literally. Part of the problem was that some things were dumped there for no good reason when we moved in, since moving itself is the definition of chaos. However, after working the past several hours with only a couple of brief breaks, here are the results:
Despite this house otherwise being Door Central, there is none on the closet itself, so a pair of curtains do the job.
These are in the small, square hallway between the closet bath and bedroom.
Here are my efforts on the left side, shelf, main rod and floor. I culled shoes and clothes, consolidated some containers and removed things wholly out of place, including several items to be put on eBay. 

Here is the center section, with a small, battered chest of drawers that was in the kitchen before we moved. It has an embroidered scarf on top and some of the pretty boxes set out on it. It is really different to have a window in the closet, but nice.
I cleared things out, dusted, put like things together, added items to a donation box, straightened up the shoe basket after pitching three pair and found a couple of those plastic zipper containers to put the throw pillows in that go on our bed in the summer, stored with that comforter. There is space for the vacuum, barely. Some of the items will be gone in the near future, like three boxes of books given to my offspring for Christmas, so not too much longer to house those. Still left to do: go fix the other areas where things were tossed in the process, figure out where to put the donation box and that sort of finishing up kind of chore. 

It was a daunting task, and one that's really nice to have d-o-n-e! Does it take anything special for you to tackle a major project like this, or are you so disciplined it stays in such good condition it's not necessary?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


October 16, 2014

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Hello, Friends,

I'm taking you not on a magical, mystery tour today. More in keeping with the season, it's more of a horror-inspired field trip. 

Are you brave enough to take a tour of my closet? Think before you answer! The good: the rack for hats and flower shop picture; also, the hangers aren't good but at least they're all the same color. The basket on the floor is working out well for shoes, but some pairs need to be ditched.

The bad, yes, it is horrible. I know. It isn't all my fault. Some of the things were stowed neatly before being knocked down by cats. There is evidence of marital discord in the vacuum cleaner wars. Mr. B keeps buying huge, heavy, unwieldy ones that are a pain to use, at least for me. He disses my smaller version, but since it regularly fills up with huge clumps of dirt I refuse to ditch just because he sneers. Meanwhile, there is no place to store it easily. So, it's in the closet for now.

The ugly: the space as a whole. This is a before story. This is the first step of a promise to clean it up and get it in decent condition. Tomorrow is the day the massive effort begins. I'm making no promises it will be finished on Friday, but will try my best. Whenever order is restored, you'll get pictures as proof it's happened. 

Wish me luck!


October 15, 2014

Thrifting in October

Hello, Friends,

How are you this fine October day? It has been absolutely beautiful here. It occurred to me I haven't shared any thrift trips with you lately, so here are a few of the things that have come home with me this month. 
That's just a small example of the books Mr. B and I have brought home in the past few weeks. As you can see, there is also a quirky egg cup, several mugs for resale and more.

There are also a couple of pillows, one in use now, one put away till next summer when the light blue and green quilt comes out for the season, some picture frames, two pictures, mugs, magnets and a little bit of everything. We also both have bought clothes but they aren't pictured.
I like the little flower and stamps canvas and the small wooden drawer. The striped scarf is super soft and will be nice when cooler weather arrives, as will the cheerful plaid throw. 
Here is the pumpkin picture, a timely find. Behind it is a neat paper calendar for next year. Next to it is a plastic container full of foam brushes for craft projects. 
This is a frame with wooden magnets with quotes in it.
Here are mugs for resale: two Georges Briard bluebonnets and one for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.
Here is a closeup of the little drawer. It's very well made. Also of the patterns in the various textiles of scarf, throw and one of the cushions. You've probably guessed there are no all white or neutral color schemes here! In the first place, I love color and there is the practical advantage of patterns at least a little disguising the results of having a house full of cats.

What have you found lately? A longed for grail or some practical bits and pieces? 

Take it easy!

October 14, 2014

Better, but not a wow.

Hi, all,

I worked on a small project today. It's okay, but clearly needs more work. It started with this:

We've probably had this stool for thirty years. Mr. B has a great state love for "wood" and stained this after we got it at a yard sale. Unfortunately (and it is not the only item with this result) it came out the color of mud. Really, what is the big attraction? It has no wonderful grain and the color is dull as . . . mud. 

So I tried something different today, using a sample of Devine Primrose paint from Target. 
It's okay, but not great. I'm not sure what other alternatives to consider at this point, but will keep you posted of any future changes. Maybe a contrasting color on the turned parts of the legs would give it more oomph. At least it no longer resembles the soggy corner of the yard under the magnolia tree after Monday's rain!

Have a good one!


October 10, 2014

Now for something completely different . .

Hey, TGIF, everyone.

In order to avoid a riot this will not be a post about my daughter's wedding.
It seemed like high time to take a stroll in our back yard. There is a little slab of concrete Mr. B delusionally refers to as the patio. Whatever.
It has a huge mulberry tree.
And a magnolia.
Plenty of scope for bird feeders and bath.
The only vegetation besides the trees are these anemic looking rose bushes.

I think it can be landscaped to look good with a little work. The main problem is the neighbor's house. Their yard looks like a scene from Hoarders, with every one of its four sides piled high with debris and miscellaneous junk. We need some big, fast growing bushes along the common fence side asap, as well as something to disguise the gas meter randomly plunked out in the middle of the other side of the space, not near enough to  the house where a trellis or some similar device would conceal it fairly easily. Mr. B has had fantastic luck with vines in the past, so he is very irritated that the hyacinth beans he planted here are not growing as he'd expected, especially since we've had good rainfall this summer, unlike other years--I'm looking at you, 2011! 

Consider this a before shot and I will keep you posted on progress out back as it occurs. 

Have a wonderful weekend!