September 4, 2015

In and Out

This has to be quick because the day has totally gotten away from me. Earlier in the week I found a domino buried in the dirt of the backyard, so washed it off and added it to the little box on the bookcase. Today it seemed like a good idea to put a name to the assemblage, using letter tiles. Here is the result:
Works for me. 

Have a wonderful long weekend!


September 3, 2015

Thursday's Tiny Thrift Score

Hello, all,

Today there was just a few minutes to dash into Sand Dollar before going to Bible study, because I was meeting a friend afterward for lunch. I just got a couple of small items. Here is one of those:
Isn't that cute? It's like a mini-greenhouse and was priced with the typical odd price of $5.10. From my craft closet I got this out:
It went onto a tray, and made this:
Here it is on the coffee table:
I am pleased with how this turned out. It has potential to be used for a variety of uses and especially for holidays. It's a fun find.

May your Thursday go well.


September 2, 2015

Mr. B's Latest

Hello, all,

We are temporarily enjoying cooler than seasonal weather and very grateful for it.

However, that doesn't mean we don't need artificial assistance in the house. This place has a new central air conditioning unit--new in June, 2014, that is--that works very well. Except in our bedroom. Mr. B has tried to look in the very limited attic space, but the duct work seems intact. Every room is comfortable besides the one we sleep in; very annoying. Even with a standing fan on it is dramatically warmer than the entire rest of the house. Mr. B came up with an invention to fix this situation. 
Because the light fixtures are those hideous rectangular boxes for fluorescent bulbs,it's impossible to install a ceiling fan.Unless you're the creative type, like him.
My friend Tricia asked why we made a special trip in search of bungee cords and zip ties one weekend: you see the reason. To get the supplies necessary to attach a Vornado to the ceiling, of course! 
We had to buy more extension cords, too. Frankly, it doesn't seem that wonderfully effective to me. So much for putting effort into decorating the room and making an effort to spiff it up. If you wonder why I'm on the crazed side sometimes, reread this post. If I vanish entirely someday, check at The Dull and the Dutiful with Tricia and see if the reason is a head injury death from a fan fall. 

Living with an artist definitely comes with disadvantages at times. Sigh.

Have a good one!


September 1, 2015


Hello, all,

Sunday evening I was mindlessly doing some small chore in the kitchen when from behind me came a truly bizarre noise. No, not a cat, nor any thing else I'd ever heard before. The culprit was revealed seconds later when the microwave quit working abruptly. This wasn't a total surprise, but definitely inconvenient. Mr. B. tasked me with getting a new one immediately when he left for work on Monday. Therefore, directly after finishing my shift at Manna yesterday I went straight to Target. Meanwhile, it felt as if trolls or gremlins had come in to trash the room while I was away from the house. This morning it was obvious cleaning it up had to move to top position on the to do list. 

Not good.
SOMEONE in our house is too lazy to walk the extra two steps to the recycle tub.
Hint: that person's initials are TB.
The king is dead; long live the king!
There's always massive amounts of packaging too.
Okay, we're moving now. The flimsy shelf installed after we moved barely held the old machine. It would never handle one bigger and heavier. 
It's a good thing we have the trusty cart found at Goodwill last year and extra lucky that the new appliance exactly fits on its top surface.
It's adjacent to the coffee pot, so the wicker tray of mugs is convenient set on top.
There are the coffee pot and toaster tucked in the corner.
And that completes our tour. The fridge is still in the same place and not remarkable in any way, so no reason to take a picture of it. The rest of the room has been decluttered, tidied up and sanitized with the dishwasher running now. I hope this new microwave is a better appliance than the last one and justifies all this unscheduled cleaning and rearranging. Getting it installed has seriously eroded anticipated sofa sitting time, so it had better perform!

Oh, and btw, happy September 1.


August 28, 2015

Switching it up outside

Good morning, all,

I was overtaken by a truly unnatural burst of energy this morning upon going outdoors to wave goodbye to Mr. B. The urge to mix things up in the front with the pots and other things took over, and here are the results.
Not too much to be seen there, but as we continue around the area:
The long boxes and other plants that were against the wall were moved to create more of a walk/entry way effect. 
Some were left by the other corner too.

Having no front yard at all is more of a challenge than you might think. Let's hope this is at least some distraction from this lack and will be welcoming to anyone who visits. 
That's my effort for Friday. Now, to go clean some indoors, since middle daughter Mary will be here briefly this evening.

Have a wonderful weekend!


August 26, 2015

Upcycling 101

Or maybe it should be called the equivalent of Pre-K for reusing stuff, since it's pretty rudimentary. When I got a new phone in February it came in this:
It is such a nice box it seemed to be a shame to just pitch it. So today it got a makeover. 
Sand Dollar had a big roll of pretty paper marked .60 cents a while back, so this seemed a good way to use some of it up. FYI, spray adhesive works well. Too bad it sticks to your hands just as much as to paper and cardboard.
The bottom is line with gray felt. It really isn't lumpy and wrinkled. Those are shadows from the light nearby. Sorry.
Now it's a handy box for sewing necessities.
Do you try to creatively re-use packaging or mostly just throw it away? It makes me happy to be able to keep anything out of the landfill. It feels a lot better than mindlessly pitching it out, anyway.

Take it easy!


August 25, 2015

It's a paper thing

Hi, all,

I hope your Tuesday is going well. We were pleasantly surprised with rain in the early afternoon, always welcome. 

Do you have a problem with the accumulation of books and magazines? Even with my 60+ year library membership and constant use, plenty still make it into the house bought at thrift shops, library sales or given as gifts. Many fall into the category of a title that's good, but unlikely to be reread. Non-fiction has the issue of timing. Wedding planning, pregnancy, health, job search  and repair manuals don't always have a long shelf life. You need it for a period in your life, but then it's no longer relevant. You can swap with friends or donate to the FOL, but there is another way to make your books enjoy a second life by using an online exchange site. There are two I subscribe to, but one is much better (imo) so I'll tell you about it. 

BookMooch works this way. After signing up, you list all the books you want to get rid of. When another member wants a title you own, they make a request.  You either agree to send it or not (more about that later) and put it in the mail, paying for postage. It works the other way, too. You can search the whole site for books you want to read, and when you ask for one, that owner pays the $$ to mail it to you. The books can come from anywhere, not just in the United States. Some people don't like to ship to other countries, because of the cost, but others will agree to mail anywhere. 

You can set up a wish list and put anything you ever wanted to read on it. At some point it will usually become available and you're notified. Have a look at mine:

The other site is called Paperback Swap. I don't use it much because encounters with members there have often been unpleasant. People who want a book and write multiple abrasive messages in advance trying to ascertain every detail of the condition are a pain. Plus, they now charge a fee for each transaction, so again, BookMooch wins my vote. 

I keep all the books in a separate area away from our personal shelves and things to be sold on eBay. It's usually fairly easy to get it ready to ship. I like to read a lot of old mysteries from the 1930s and 1940s. Often they are small and thin and able to be mailed with just two or three stamps, so simple to do. It's a good way to find new authors, and a really nice feeling to have a book another member has been dying to read you have available to send them. It's painless to search the site and there is a way to look through Amazon, too, in case the title you want isn't on BookMooch then; you're still able to add it to your wish list. It's a great way to keep books moving around to other readers and out of the landfills, so check it out, readers!

Stay dry!