July 28, 2014

Another box empty

Hello, friends,

How are you this last Monday in July? My project today, above and beyond the routine of meals, shopping, bed making and the like was to get some things hung. It is yet to be determined where my cross wall will go, depending upon furniture not so far bought and its placement, but it seemed high time there was more on the walls. I actually put up several others, but those pictures were too bad to use; here are a few examples:
This metal piece is again in the living room, this time atop a bookcase, near the door to the back yard.
These vintage postcards of scenes from the early twentieth century are in my bathroom.
These are on the short section of wall adjacent to my closet.
This one is actually inside my closet, next to the window.

It's a small start, but better than none at all. It's nice to break up the vast expanses of badly painted walls with a little color and cheer.

Have a relaxing evening,


July 25, 2014

One small find

Hello, all,

Are you busy TGing because it's Friday? I know Mr. B is. Today, after the crucial errand of getting cat kibble, I went  a couple of blocks farther down the freeway service road to the nearest Goodwill. It has always been fairly lame and there is nothing new to report on that situation, alas. I only got a couple of small things. Yes, I should be working on the house but GW didn't have any furniture we need, but who's going to leave without checking out the other wares, right? Previous shopping trips elsewhere produced these:
Two little metal bikes. They can probably be seen in place here:
One is on the top shelf on the left, the other the second shelf on the right, a nice pair, but.  .  .
and then there were three! Which officially moves these interesting iron pieces to the status of a collection. Have you ever done that? Pick up one thing that appeals to you, then stumble upon a few (or a lot) more similar objects? 

Let's raise a toast to serendipity!

Happy yard sales this weekend,

July 24, 2014

A quick peek

Hello, all,

How has your Thursday gone so far? Aside from being behind on the last chores, mine is going fine.

Today I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the living room in our new place. It is huge and still needs more furniture and a rug, so you'll have to wait for the big reveal. For now, here is the antique washstand that belonged to my mother:
The cat shrine has been incorporated onto it now. In another corner, :
a chair, revolving bookcase end table and way too many wires behind it. Notice the universal ugly tiles. Finding a rug is an urgent priority. There was one seen in the Salvation Army store right before I got the keys to this place. Sadly, although it was huge and appealing, with all the other expenses of moving I didn't have $1000 to plunk down for it, much as I wanted to. Surely something that fits will turn up eventually with a less hefty price tag, I keep telling myself. 

That's all for Thursday, or as my friend Susie referred to this day of the week "Friday Eve". Have a good one.


July 23, 2014

Another bit of the kitchen

Hello, Friends,

Today I thought you might like to see the window in the kitchen. Alas, instead of standing at the sink able to look out on a tree filled with bird feeders, this one isn't located for that type of pleasant daydreaming. It looks out onto a busy street's intersection, so the only view is of impatient drivers too often slamming on the brakes when the light turns red. As you see, with this vista there is no incentive to open the blinds, only to see plumes of exhaust from an unending stream of cars. 

That isn't the only issue in this room.  The sink setup is different from the previous house as well, which led to this arrangement:
The faucet is too tall for the little shelf to work with, so it seemed just as well to use the windowsill to display the collectibles and other things that were by the sink before. The pyrex and other odds and ends fit well enough and bring a little color to the room as well. 

That's all for today, which was broken up by some literal cat-astrohpes, a major mess caused by Bitty, currently bearing the title of Least Favored Feline at our house. There is still more to do before Mr. B gets home, so I'll say

Bye for now,

July 22, 2014

Shelf Esteem

Hello, all,

Today is hot and humid, a good day to stay inside and think about decorating. Since moving a few shelves have gotten put up, not including the infamous one to set the microwave on hung on Sunday. Let us draw a veil over that shared marital project, permanently. A few others weren't such an ordeal, though:
This one is in the dining room. An odd thing about these pictures is the walls look much lighter than they really are, a kind of medium tan or sand.
There are my salt-and-pepper shakers in the kitchen.
Also in the kitchen, the plate rack with the old rolling pins and other utensils on it.

This one is in the library. Because of the time suck of moving from mid-May till now (from the standpoint of unpacking, at least) this year summer got sunflowers for decor and not a lot of those. 

I like decorative shelves and trays both. Do you use many of either in your home?


July 21, 2014


Hi, folks,

I hope you all had a good weekend. We managed to get a few things done, which is always good in the recently moved. Earlier I think the fact that this house is ugly was admitted to, but it also has some weird attributes. Like, it has no front yard. At all. It has no garage, either. Instead of those normal features it has five exterior doors. Except only three are functional. Two have been permanently sealed up, but not removed. One is in the room with all the cat beds, food and toys; as far as it seems possible to deduce, so far it doesn't bother them at all. The second is in the dining room and would lead to the back yard if it worked. So, when we got here we had the movers do this:

The cabinet and hutch is in front of the door. It doesn't block it entirely, but works well enough. It's hard to think of another solution as a renter who can't make structural changes. There is another interior door that has a big bookcase in front of it to conceal an unnecessary second door that would otherwise open straight to a toilet in the room entered by the front door, not exactly the route to charm! As you can see, the dining room is still home to some boxes, odds and ends and other items waiting on a permanent home. I'll keep you posted as progress is made. 

Have a good one!

July 18, 2014

Where has July gone?

Hello, friends,

I can't believe we are this far into the month of July already. At least we've continued to have rain, unlike most other recent summers, so that's a relief. Part of this week has been spent thinking about Mr. B's birthday which falls on Sunday so not a lot of decorating has gone on. 

In our former house, there was a grouping over our headboard, which is a repurposed mantel. That isn't possible here. Due to a dearth of wall sockets, it has to go on a wall with a window now. Some of the other elements were shifted over the dresser instead:
the wreath pictures and goodnight sign were all above us before. The oddly placed piece to the left is covering up an alarm system box that was here when we moved in. 

Outside the door is a small, square hallway. It has doors into the master bath, closet and bedroom. This is where the former pantry has come to rest:
Sheets are stored inside and a few quilts and pillows on top.  It's useful. Two houses ago, pre-Ike, we lived in a place with a huge linen closet, so storing everything wasn't an issue. The last house had a large one, but also an attic where out of season things could be stashed. Here, although the house is larger in some ways storage is a problem, so this works well and fits available space, can't beat that combination.

Have a wonderful weekend!