February 9, 2016

Small addition

Hello, all,

This is so small it hardly counts as a post at all. Do you see my latest find? 
How about now?
A little pair of deer salt and peppers that work in two collections, deer and shakers. As a bonus, they were new in the box at Sand Dollar, a fun find for $3.10. 

Gotta go cook now. Have a good one. 


February 8, 2016

Just a little more . . .

Hi, everyone,

It is a gorgeous day here, sunny and bright but also cool and very windy. 

Still going through my Valentine stuff so here are a couple of minor displays from Sunday. First:
a vintage heart hanky in an embroidery hoop on a bookshelf in the library. Also,
a twig ball covered with tinsel wire perched on top of a red candlestick that's usually on the dresser, serving as a hatstand. Really, with red my favorite color, it seldom happens any given piece or accessory won't work for February! 

Since I was at Manna and didn't get home till 2:30 my chores are screaming for attention, so back to my oar. 


February 4, 2016

Still seeing red

Hi, everyone,

No, not seeing red in the sense of being angry, but very much in a hearts and love way. Today there are a couple more decorations in the library:
Sorry for the less than ideal lighting. Here are a wall pocket from a thrift shop and a rag trimmed wreath made several years ago hung together near a bookcase.
A pair of lovebirds on a little wooden sign from Value Village. Because of the way the wire hanger goes through holes, it occurred to me to back it with a red doily, which was easy as pie.
More hearts and glitter. All the picks were from a long ago dollar store that moved.
That sweet little bird has to go on a high shelf so its damage isn't visible. One or some of our cats want to kill anything made out of felt. So far they've gotten to the birdie, a darling Christmas ornament and a whole string of felt heart garland that Target sadly doesn't sell anymore. The said thing is, in the case of the bird and garland the items were put away, after February was over. The culprit rooted them out of a box where they were stored. The Christmas ornament was bought on sale this year after December and destroyed within hours of coming into the house. Sigh. The heart in the middle was a gift from a daughter at Christmas.
A suitcase full of love and good wishes on a tiny display shelf in the same area.

That's all I've got for today. Have a great evening,


February 3, 2016

Hearts and . . . Smoked Meats

Hello, friends,

Since despite any logical reason for this to be the case, dates tend to sneak up and surprise me, it seemed prudent to get busy on valentines before the holiday escaped me entirely. Here are the first efforts:
This new small notebook with hearts on the cover turned up in Goodwill today for .49 cents. To it was added from my stash:
Another heart, that does this:
Inside is the message:
The other is more of an assemblage:
Starting with this deck of bacon playing cards,

with the addition of letter tiles, this message was added. More tomorrow.

I hope Wednesday is sweet for you. Practice is always good.  Pass the chocolate,


February 2, 2016

Short and Sweet

Hi, everyone,

Now it is officially February a tiny bit of Valentine's has started to creep in. 

A banner on the bookshelves in the library.
The little red box, all sweetened up for the 14th. 

A couple of touches in the bird cage. That's all for now. Check back tomorrow.

Good wishes from my heart to you,


January 29, 2016

Party on

Hello, everyone,

At this time of year here we can count on two events looming up momentarily: Mardi Gras and the rodeo. This morning I've done a little decorating in honor of the first. 
The big cloche provides perfect cat protection for a bunch of masks and beads. 
Beads and a tinsel star in the library.
On the desk in the library a golden metal cloche and picture framed in royal blue.
On the door at the side of our house near the corner. We need these bits of cheer before hunkering down into the long, grim period of Lent, so meanwhile, Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Have a great weekend!


January 28, 2016

One small project

Hello, Friends,

How are you here at nearly the end of January? Is it just me, or is the time zooming by for you, too? 

While putting things away after the holidays I unearthed something bought ages ago and never used. That fact reproached me. Now this is no longer the case. We began with this:
The card  table set up in the living room used for jigsaw puzzles. When first found its top was damaged so I hastily covered it with a thin plastic tablecloth, a not very satisfactory solution. Check it out now:
After stumbling upon this in the closet where decorations and craft supplies are stored, I left it out to remind myself to do something with it when there were a few minutes spare time. It looks much better, don't you think? A pair of scissors and jar of thumb tacks and voila, a much nicer look.
Here is a close up of the exuberant pattern, oh so bright and cheery. It's a great antidote to the January grays. Now the guilt over buying materials and letting them languish untouched is alleviated, at least for the oilcloth. 

Have a good evening!