July 7, 2015

A typical afternoon

You hear the expression "a dog's life" but never the same sentiment about cats. I wonder why. 

Before I got the camera there were two more cats sleeping on the sofa who somehow guessed a picture was coming up and ran to hide.
Here's Freckles on the coffee table, wondering who she can shove aside to claim prime real estate.

Flossie on bird and squirrel patrol for the back yard.
Butterball, removing herself from the riffraff and claiming a chair of her own. She's almost camouflaged where she's sleeping. 

And that's not all. There are others napping elsewhere. Still, it's no bad gig. Stretched out on a sofa or curled on a quilt--not a bad life!

Take it easy.


July 6, 2015

Small efforts

Hello, all,

I hope your long weekend went well and you had lots of fun. Ours was nice, if quiet. After Mr. B came home to distract me, I forgot to show you one tiny little addition the patriotic decor. 
A replica of the Statue of Liberty and miniature snow globe in the terrarium.

Last year I found this big basket designed to cover food on an outside table for a couple of bucks at Sand Dollar. It seemed too pretty to keep hidden away till actually in use, though, so it's hanging on the hallway wall near the living room now. 
With a diameter of 18 inches, it can guard a good sized plate or bowl. Until there's a need, it provides a cheery spot of color, so win-win!

Allergies are trying to kill me, so bye for now.


July 1, 2015

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

Hi, folks,

Did you stare at the calendar in disbelief this morning like I did? Half the year gone? Where? Did you notice it racing by, because it seems impossible to me. Nevertheless, if today is the first, you know what holiday is coming up fast. Here are some decorations I put out front:

a sparkly wreath for the front door, and
flags for most of the pots. That little wooden sign is stuck in a crack in the brick since otherwise there is no way to hang anything out there.
Inside, we have one flag-ish pillow sham in the living room.

That's all so far, but there may be more decorations not yet unearthed, so stay tuned.

Take it easy,

June 30, 2015

I don't know . . .

Hi, everyone,

Instead of a post today I tried to revamp my profile and change the picture in the header. Whether it works or not, I'm not sure. It's still a work in progress.

That's all I've got.

Michele - off to look for water wings since it's pouring again!

June 29, 2015

Pick the one that doesn't fit.

Hey, Peeps,

I'm really skidding in at the last minute after being gone all day. I thought I'd show you a few small BoHo touches put out recently.
This bright box has a diamond pattern on the lid and is made of rolled pages printed in a tiny font.
The round shape of this flowered porcelain frame is appealing and the price was right, too. It was .25 cents at a yard sale this past Saturday.
A round container that makes me think of a yo yo is a find from Manna for .40 cents.

Last but not least, this pretty plaid orb in yellow and turquoise. If it weren't for the paper box it would be the all round, all the time show today.

Till next time,

June 25, 2015

More glass already

Hey, folks, this isn't very imaginative, but it's what I came up with. I have several glass or crystal stoppers from decanters picked up at thrift shops and thought why not display them along with the smaller bottles in the terrarium? Thus, this:
They're next to the terrarium, set on a round of mirror to double the sparkle.
I may try to find a silver footed bowl the right size to put them in.
They would look great near a window. The trick is to find one where they'll be safe from cats, or else there will be more sweeping and tossing in my life and who needs that? 

If this is Friday eve to you, enjoy it!

Till next time,

June 24, 2015

Raising the bar

Hello, everyone, and how is Wednesday treating you so far? We had fun with one of the Austin daughters in to visit overnight while working in Houston. She was heading home this afternoon.

Today has been busy, and I'll have to leave again soon, but first want to show you my Manna purchase from Monday. Here it is in use on Mr. B's wine bar:
It is a large, decoupaged tray covered with labels.
It's thick and somewhat bumpy but very authentic. Not that you'd know it by my say so, being one of the wine ignorant unlike my mate.
A little close up.
We break so many glasses in this place with hard tile floors that there is no use aspiring to own fine crystal. The criteria for replacements is:

does it cost less than a dollar
will the stem fit in the dishwasher

If those requirements are met, it will go in my basket, usually at Sand Dollar. It works out well keeping this on the hutch in the dining room, too, for him to pour and splash around rather than underfoot in the kitchen where someone else is often trying to cook a meal. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, the tray was .60 cents with the sale going on Monday in housewares at Manna. Can't beat a price like that! 

I have to get ready to leave in a little while. You all stay out of trouble while I'm off at church for a couple of hours, okay?