January 28, 2015

A lot of to do for a redo

Hello, all,

We are having lovely weather here right now. I wish it was possible to ship some of it to Massachusetts and other parts of the northeast and give those poor folks a break. I stayed home all day and besides making a start on valentines, worked on this small project. It began with this:
a little box that has held paperclips for many years.
With the aid of:
and this for lining:

and some supplies already on hand, it turned into:
a miniature suitcase for some lucky doll or mouse to take on a trip. Or perhaps be filled with chocolate to brighten someone's day on February 14. My projects don't often turn out as perfectly gorgeous as those of many other bloggers, but it's still fun to try. Except now, when it's time to clean up.

Gotta go,

January 27, 2015

Coming Soon

Hello, friends,

I am thinking about you and sending prayers your direction if you live in the area where the massive snow storm is. Take care and stay warm! Of course, this month is January, so a certain amount of cold weather is to be expected, which is one good  reason for thinking ahead to February. It's short, but does take us a little closer to spring. Soon I will go into heavy Valentine's mode, but today my thoughts turned to another event in that month, Mardi Gras. 

Here are a couple of things to celebrate that:
Last year I made this:

It's a portable Mardi Gras kit made in a mint tin. You have beads, confetti and a crown that can be carried in your pocket. Now I'm wondering how soon is too soon to put the one on the dining room table. Hmmm.

That's all there is to report here. Have a good one!


January 26, 2015

A little more door

Hey, how's it going so far? I hope everyone in the northeast is able to get home and stay there during the storm that's coming.

Today I went to Family Thrift and among other things, bought a wicker satchel, shaped much like a brief case. Its new home is by the front door, although the contents haven't been decided upon yet. Here it is:
It was one of their signature prices, $2.92, so not a bad deal. 
You can never have too many baskets, right?

Are you getting impatient to think about Valentine's Day like me? I am ready to *red* up the place, big time but am trying to wait till February gets here. 

Be safe!


January 23, 2015

In and out

This is just a quickie to show you where the hankies wound up, in my closet.
I want to make more of these but alas, found neither hoops or hankies at the thrift shops checked out today. Maybe next time.

Have a great weekend!


January 22, 2015

Soggy Thursday

Hello, people, from wet and rainy Houston. Nice to get the precipitation, unless you have to be out in it; that's not much fun. I scuttled home as quickly as possible after Bible study was over this morning and was glad to get inside and pt on dry, warmer clothes. Did the shadows in the weather nudge my imagination to make a shadow box from an old drawer? Could be. Here are the elements:
a vintage tin flute with a sprig of green,
a little wooden tree,
a lucky die--for those of us old enough to remember when $64,000 was an unimaginable sum to win on television!

I love this little wooden sofa that was a quarter on my last trip to Manna. It seemed close enough in spirit to fit in with the miniature chairs. 
And there it is together with a little red bird perched on top. Why have dull bookshelves when there's room on them in front of the main contents?

Stay dry!


January 21, 2015

All hooped up

Happy Hump Day to everyone.

No, not hopped up. Don't worry, I haven't started swigging Geritol from a flask in my pocket yet. I've been experimenting with using embroidery hoops to display some of my vintage hankies, and here is the result:
These are fun and could hardly be easier. Plus, they're so light they're a cinch to hang.
This one has a combination of embroidered and appliqued flowers.
This one is a little more flamboyant. It has a wide border of solid green around the edge.
This was the first one tried, a splashy flower print. It's cute, don't you think? 

There you have it, an easy-peasy way to display hankies if you have them. It also seems like an excellent jumping-off place for a Valentine, too. 

Have a good one,


January 20, 2015

Creative Organization

Hello, all,

Like many of you, waste is actually painful to me. It doesn't seem right not to use what we have, or spend $$ on things that end up later in a donation box. Case in point, this:
a nice hanger for pants that seemed like something Mr. B could use. Except he didn't. It wasn't expensive, came in a bag with several other wooden coat hangers that were in service, but still. Then, while working in our bedroom and the closet a light dawned, revealing that scarves aren't a big part of my wardrobe because folded in a drawer it never occurs to me to put one on. Now, hanging on a rod, it is much more likely:
Out of sight, out of mind is all too accurate, and doesn't just refer to people by any means. It's a very minor aha moment, but is working well for me so far.

Take it easy!