April 19, 2016

Quick Fix

Hello, friends,

Unlike Monday, so far today has been calm with little rain. It was busy, since the weather didn't permit any errands run then, which left little time for any creative efforts to speak of. However, in cleaning out the closet yesterday, an item turned up that hadn't been used, so why not give it a turn in the spotlight?


This is the door from the living room to the backyard. Note the ultra cheap mini blind.

Living room door now, with the mini blinds pulled up and a cheery panel as covering instead. The mini blinds were not taken down because Mr. B is afraid that someone will break in and steal all our possessions. Since 90% of those are used books and cats it seems doubtful, but there's no use arguing. How do you hang something when you don't have the right sized tension rod or even any Command Hooks, you ask? You get imaginative and poke holes in the cloth and thread zip ties to string them up, of course. Me having used zip ties may go a long way to reconcile Mr. B to this project, come to think of it. I'll report back later. 

Take it easy,