April 14, 2016

Simple but satisfying

Hello, all,

I hope your Thursday is going well so far. 

As you may know, some people, especially men, think duct tape is the answer to most of life's persistent problems. Mr. B, though, isn't so limited. He extends his list of preferred solutions to include bungee cords and zip ties. Thus, when this problem occurred today:

This is a rolling milk crate utilized to bring in my reusable bags from the grocery store trip each week. Today's load might have been a little too full. 

Channeling my mate, though, came up with this:

Much better. 

It's a good thing this worked, because who knows where Mr. B left the duct tape the last time he used it? Not me! So that's the news today. Nothing pretty or creative, but definitely useful. 

Have a good one.


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