April 17, 2012

Getting started

Hello! I'm Michele and with the help and urging of my good friend, Tricia, I've finally created a blog of my own. I love thrifting, making things, re-using things and decorating our house.

A word about that; because it is small and rented there are constant frustrations in working with the space and conditions available. It's more annoying since we've had access to HGTV, because there are myriad ways it could be improved if we owned instead of renting, but this is our reality. Fortunately local thrift and consignment stores offer plenty of material to use to brighten things up, display collections and acknowledge seasons and holidays. My days  are spent doing this, interspersed with tending our many cats, all feral rescues, trying to organize, cooking and cleaning. My evenings usually feature reading;the library is my second home. It was possible for me to retire several years ago, but my husband, Tim is still working. He is sales manager for a sign company, a huge bird watcher and amateur painter. I am a Christian and 30+ year member at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church.

My hope is to someday give back to others the pleasure I've had from reading many wonderful blogs the past several years.


Tricia said...

Happy blogging, Michele!

Jenn Gray said...


Unknown said...

Welcome to Blogging Michele! My sister rescues feral cats also, but I am allergic to them. :(

Brandi said...

Congrats to you for starting your own blog. Thanks so much for stopping by my space!