April 19, 2012

Recent finds

We've had a lot of (very welcome after an exceptional drought last year) rainy weekends lately, so I haven't been to very many yard sales so far. However, twice lately Mr. B has called from the car to steer me towards some good events. A couple of weeks ago it was a rummage sale at Christ the King Catholic Church two minutes from our house. There I picked up two small Starbucks bowls, a glittery Christmas tree and an interesting Hadaki lunch tote, all for the grand total of $3.00. This past Saturday as he  left to run errands, he called with a sale in walking distance of our house. I grabbed wallet and keys and took off  to the drive half a block down the street. There I scooped up two Pottery Barn galvanized metal boxes with lids and label holders that still had their $18 price tags on the bottom, as well as a chicken wire tray, a large candlestick broken into three parts, but still very usable to make something with, three samples of Farrow and Ball paint from England and a wicker bag, $5.00 total.

Do you enjoy yard sales and church events? What were some of the best you've ever encountered?

Until next time,



Tricia said...

So glad to get to see those galvanized boxes and the chicken wire tray! I'll be eager to see what you do with the broken candlestick.

Lisa said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog - I'm new to thrifting so I'm excited to see you are just starting your thrifting blog :) Great finds - I'm loving that chicken wire tray too! I love stalking the local Goodwill and thrift stores but have been thinking I need to try yard and garage sales also. Happy Thrifting (and blogging!)

Michele said...

Hi, Lisa, thanks for stopping by. It's always fun to try new things. My husband wants to go to a flea market this weekend, so it will be interesting to see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

Great finds! My favorite is the chicken wire basket. I recently went to "the world's largest" indoor garage sale, sponsored by a local church. I went on the last day and was able to get some really old sheet music from 1915-1921 for free. :-)

Martha said...

wow, great finds! and welcome to the blogging world!