July 20, 2012

Green thumb?

Happy Friday from steamy, hot Houston. The rain has been nice, but temperatures are creeping higher to our more normal numbers, drat it. 

Anyone who has read a few posts on this blog has probably figured out I love cats and books. Those have been two constants all my life. A more recent enthusiasm that only appeared within the past couple of years is completely different, but still enthralling. I am talking about succulents. My grandmother had them when I was a child but other than those vague memories they didn't figure in my house or garden design till around 2010 when I got one. And a few days later there were some tatty looking examples on a clearance table at Big Lots right before Mr. B asked me to stop at the nursery for mulch and it was all over. I have completely succumb to the allure of these sturdy plants. Here are some examples now residing on our  front steps. I brought them inside to take pictures because the sun is so blinding it was impossible to see the screen of the camera. The title of this post is mostly a lie; my gardening abilities are quite limited.
Succulents are the exception.

This is the one from Big Lots. It was only a single stalk when purchased; now there are three.

This is a  Christmas cactus from the holidays last year.

That is a sort of spiky one in the orange cup and more ordinary kind in the little cage.Yes, that is Flossie the kitten under the stool. She manages to get in a lot of photos not intended to be of her.

Here are some that hang out in a big bird cage. These were much admired by the UPS delivery woman, who said she was going to copy the idea, to stop her husband telling her to get rid of an old bird cage she likes.

These are a few more in a concrete planter from Salvation Army.

The best thing about this type of plant is they are hardy. They lived through our horrible summer last year, which killed off just about  everything else. They're fun and easy to grow, don't need much attention and thrive in the heat. They're not beautiful or smell sweet, but succulents are still very appealing.

Have you stumbled on a new or totally different enthusiasm unexpectedly that's taken you in another direction?

Till next time,


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love succulents. I too stumbled on them. There was a plant sale at the old Gibson House, here in Woodland. It was only $3 so I gave it a try. Just like you said, hardy! My little plant is huge now. I have change the pot three times and it has now spilled over.There are shoots growing up on all sides of it. I like mine. It has red tips from the sun :) I think it's super cute that you have some growing on the old bird cages!! Love it! You have quite the collection!

Tricia said...

It was fun to see the succulents you've talked about, Michele! Your collection IS growing -- both ways! I guess I need to give succulents a try. I always admire hens and chicks, and we used to have a jade plant, but I think it didn't survive one of our moves.

daisypetals said...

This is Melissa @ Daisy Mae Belle. I love succulents! They can live anywhere! And, I love how they multiply!

May said...

Succulents are so intriguing. They can have an almost other-wordly quality which I love. I have always wanted to attempt a wreath made of succulents to hang on the side of the garage. Haven't gotten it done yet, but someday!

Debbie said...

I feel like such a garden dunce because I never even heard of succulents until about a year ago. I saw them in blog land and thought they were so interesting looking. My mom grows them. I haven't tried but I should.