July 17, 2012

Now and Then

Good afternoon, all. Am I the  only person more than a little stunned that it's past the middle of July already? 2012 seems to be moving at the speed of light--no, skip that since it's surely a sign of being o-l-d. 

Speaking of old, I thought I'd show you some thrift thrills from this week, as well as some older finds bought long before this blog began. One of those is this:

The dining room had one of those builder fixtures in it that's round with a thing in the middle that looks horribly like a nipple. Besides being cringe worthy in ugliness, it didn't give off much light. You can imagine my delight upon finding this one in an oil rubbed bronze finish with all parts and shades in perfect shape for $18.00. 

Here are some cardboard cigar boxes stacked on a chair. None of them cost more than a dollar; they're great to store things in and have wonderful graphics. No, Flossie, there are no cat treats in them!

This is my husband's wine bar. Everything on that wall is from a thrift shop or yard sale. The chest of drawers was $10 at a yard sale. The wreath of wine grapes $6.50 from a more upscale resale venue. The tray, tile insert on it, glasses, cooler, metal box and holder on the wall for the corkscrew all were picked up at random times and assembled later. To the right are some of my vintage aprons on an expanding rack. Above them is a neat handmade shelf just stuck up there, not hung yet. 

Yesterday I got this cool twig bowl at the Goodwill store near us. In their customary odd pricing this was $4.99, while a similar smaller one was marked $7.99. It should be a great centerpiece base for fall and winter.

This curio shelf was another find Monday. It's nice because all the cubbies are not the same size, some are rectangular to hold slightly taller items. It will be painted white, probably, since the wood finish doesn't do much for me. It had the featured colored tag so was 30 % discounted at GW. Today I picked up another basket and small shelf unit on castors at the Sand Dollar. They need to be cleaned up and grease pencil prices taken off before being photographed. 

Dare I hope the availability of good stuff is on the upswing? 

With crossed fingers,

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Tricia said...

Wow, those two most recent finds ARE wonderful! I think I need that twig bowl to go with my placemats! (Just kidding.) I love the cubbies -- perfect for displaying seasonal items.