March 6, 2013

Marching through March

Hello, everyone! We've had some wild and wooly weather lately. I'm not complaining, mind you, it's certainly more interesting than summer when it's hellishly hot, period. For months on end.

Today I'll share some of our Easter decorations with you. First of all, in a cloche that was a Christmas gift from oldest daughter, Hilary:
It is filled with eggs, both solid and the decorative paper mache types. There is another of those in a little pail, a sweet small lamb and fuzzy brown bunny. The aqua pitcher has Cadbury eggs in it.

On the buffet, there are more decorations inside the terrarium. The little egg cup filled with carrots was on the small shelf at the back between the lamb and bunny until Flossie got into it and stole some of the carrots, which is when it got moved out of her reach.

There is a small vignette on an end table:

A big paper egg and fuzzy bunny.
An egg garland on the dining room bookcases. This was supposed to go round the light fixture over the table, till Freddy stood on his hind legs and expressed way too much interest in it to imagine that idea would work out.
This postman bunny seems to be handing a letter to a sweet cottontail lady. There is a tiny nest with a jewel-like blue egg in it above them.
 This is just a basket full of eggs on a wicker tray, under a big cloche. This is necessary because of scenes like this:
when the furry residents are very anxious to explore the current decorating up close and in depth.

All the decorations came from thrift shops except for a couple from Tuesday Morning and the cloche on the desk. It is by Smith & Hawken and was from Target.

I hope you're enjoying the lead up to Easter and spring too.

Till next time,

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Tricia said...

Lovely vignettes, Michele! I got a kick out of the cat's tail in the next-to-last shot, and the last one is priceless! You are the queen of cat-proof decorating!