March 7, 2013

A Little More Easter

Hi, all,

While taking pictures yesterday there were two spots missed, oops! Here is a tiny bit more Easter decor.
This is a little wicker buggy with a big decoupage egg in it and a couple of smaller ones, on a nest of grass.
Here is the bright green cubby bought recently with another giant paper mache egg in it, sitting on top of a hatbox with a bunny design on it, perfect for storing Easter things off season.

Today I also purchased a can of paint for the other small sectioned cabinet, so stay tuned for its transformation.

Is Easter a favorite holiday of yours? Since it's a long time till 4th of July, I'm going to enjoy it to the max!

Happy almost spring!

1 comment:

Tricia said...

What a darling Easter basket-buggy! I've never seen one like that, but it's a wonderful concept. The hatbox IS perfect -- storage AND decor!