December 16, 2013

The Forgotten Collection

Hello, friends, how is Monday treating you so far? We have warmer temps and sunshine, so a lovely day here.

When Mr. B went into the attic for decorations he brought down a  tin tub with a box in it. The box hadn't been opened since we moved here in October, 2008. It contained three crosses that had been above the door from the entry into the living room at our former house, a gift from our youngest daughter. I definitely remembered packing those, but they had never appeared, till now. Also in the box was a collection that had been forgotten entirely. 
It's five pieces of ceramics designed to go inside an aquarium, picked up at various times in thrift shops. The little green building and palm tree on the right is my favorite. The association with water made the top of a cabinet in the bathroom seem a logical setting for these bits of furniture and bridges, since we don't have a fish tank (or place to put one) in a house full of cats. It seems silly to buy more of these under the circumstances, but I'm making no promises. If one that is super cute shows up one day it may have to come home with me, especially if it sports a low price. Who knows, someday we may have the perfect place to display these cuties; never say never is a good motto for a thriftaholic!

Have a wonderful evening. 

Later, Michele

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