June 27, 2012

Ties that bind

How did it get to be nearly the end of June which = half the year already? As hot as it is here, perhaps there is a certain amount of brain melt going on. If only it worked on the exterior body parts as rteadily too!

I had no intention of not writing for so long, but a bad virus has laid me low for a while since the first of last week. It's slowly moving on, thank goodness. How sick was I? So much so that I haven't felt ike going tol a thrift shop at all in two weeks, the horror!

Since everything on my body is responding equally slowly, it seemed a good time to share another of my collections with you. This one is aprons. Do you use them? Did your mothers or grandmothers and aunts? I find them very helpful when working in the kitchen, especially those with a bib and at least one pocket. 

Before Hurricane Ike we lived in a house with a small room one step down from the kitchen. It seems likely that it had been a back porch made into a room. It had long, low windows on one long and one short wall, in an L. Instead of curtains I hung vintage aprons on these windows. Unfortunately, that's also the main spot where the giant sweetgum tree that fell on the roof pierced through, so those were lost to the storm. There are only a few left, but I still find them at thrift shops once in a while.
This is a sweet one in a flower print  with blue piping. I love how it has kind of a square collar effect in the back.

This one has darling hand embroidered flowers.

This has no bib, but who could resist that jaunty red piping trim?

This is made for a child out of a dainty floral print, edged with violet rickrack, how cute is that?

This Valentine beauty is clearly for show, made of organdy with a hem of heart handkerchiefs.

I also have everyday, workhorse versions to use.

This has the advantage of  being made of oilcloth, so splashes and spills can be wiped off, plus it's bright and cheerful.

This one has a bib and a nice big pocket as well.

Some are  for holidays. You know I couldn't resist that sweet orange kitty.

Or these carrots and orange rickrack at Easter with multiple pockets.

All of these came from thrift shops; most cost less than a dollar. The vintage ones make me think of the women who made them, often by hand, and wonder what their lives were like, what sorrows and joys they experienced.

How about you? Do you protect your clothes with aprons, old or new?

Have a good one!



Tricia said...

I loved seeing your collection of aprons! I remember both grandmothers wearing aprons like these. My favorites of yours are the ones with rickrack. I can't resist rickrack!

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

What a great collection. I love the red and white apron...it's so cute. Looks very 1940s. Tricia sent me over to your blog! I am a new follower!!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

I love aprons...and have a "few" myself...sadly I always forget to put them on until it's too late :) Laurel