October 19, 2012

A Friday Few

Hello, all. Last week got away from me when we suddenly couldn't connect to the internet for the better part of three days before  the problem was finally fixed. What to do when you can't check e-mail or read blogs online? The only thing that springs to mind is get out of the house and shop to forget. Here are a few recent finds:
Here you see  Flossie seemingly unimpressed with my booty. There is a new package of travel related scrapbook pages, half a dozen books, a candle, some Taylor and Ng mugs, a little French hook and a large tin box. The box will be used for snack mix to give over the holidays. Its colors of brown, orange and cream may not seem December-ish, but it has a couple of good points. First, it's large, so suitable for either the folks at the post office or the library to share; secondly, on the inside of the lid is the word: "Enjoy" which delivers  exactly the right message. 
Here is a close up of the candle. It's got a pattern like brown gingham checks on it  with the head of a deer, which makes it a perfect fit for the brass deer holder picked up last year.
Also found a new box of Fossil post cards in a vintage style and a variety of places.
At a sale at a neighborhood church last Saturday I picked up a bunch of Hallmark Vera the Mouse boxes and candle holders. They are pretty cute. The boxes have a rubber stamp inside the lids.
This Starbucks mug says Inspire on the side. Flossie seems to be looking to see if that's located on the bottom.
Lastly, among several other scarves picked up recently is this long one that says Hermes on the label. I know nothing at all about these and suspect it's not genuine, but it was still fun to stumble upon.

Other recent highlights include finding a delicious recipe while visiting Susan's blog party, Met Monday and at least making a start at cleaning in this room, beginning with the table where the laptop is and the area around it. There's still tons to do, but something is better than nothing. Several boxes of books donated to the neighborhood branch library sale held last week help, too.

Are you starting to think about removing clutter as the cooler months approach? It seems to me  a good idea to shift out things this time of the year, when we'll be indoors more, so I've been working on that lately a few minutes at a time.

When AIT gets fifty followers there will be my first giveaway, so I'm busy trying to figure out a fun surprise for one lucky reader. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



Tricia said...

Quite a haul! You're right, that candle was MADE for that holder! I also love the notecards, and the Vera the Mouse items look cute -- never heard of those before. That would be awesome if your scarf find is authentic!

Protector of Vintage said...

I have been sorting through books, etc...around here, too! Big job! You found some great treasures. I especially like those postcards. (I live in Minnesota!) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!