October 25, 2012

Dallying with Doilies

Hey, everyone, how's it going? I'm drinking coffee, gearing up for a busy day featuring laundry and errands. If the latter are successful, a project will be finished up and make it possible to take pictures for another blog post. Meanwhile, here is a gift made for a friend's birthday this week. It started with these:

All during this year I picked up single doilies at thrift stores whenever they showed up. Eventually I sewed them together lengthwise to get this:

It's a long runner for my friend to use on her dining room  table. Her table is longer than mine, which is why it's laid out this way for the photograph. A few weeks ago her adult daughter was visiting, so I took advantage to e-mail and ask for her to measure the length. She did and let me know, so I was able to calculate how many doilies to use. They were laid out in a variety of configurations to find the most pleasing order, then safety pinned  till they could be hand sewn together. 

Flossie had to give it her seal of approval before it was finished and wrapped to mail. Tricia has all sorts of dishes, mats, vases and other items to set beautiful tables, which she does often, and chronicles in her blog, The Dull and the Dutiful, found http://thtolbert.blogspot.com/ here. Happy Birthday, Tricia! 

Do you make gifts often, or seldom? Have any of your handmade items been extremely successful, or less so? Sometimes the idea seems like a perfect fit for the recipient, but that's not always the case. Are there high points in your memories of  handmade gifts you've made or been given? 

Have a wonderful day!




Thoroughly Modern Me said...

I do like making gifts for friends and family, but have learned over the years to focus on those people that truly value a homemade gift. Of course, I do value homemade gifts, so when someone makes something for me I jump up and down with delight! I think your friend is going to love the doilies. So sweet that they were collected over time.....

Michele said...

My concern has always been that if you frequent thrift shops you're sure to see tons of things obviously made by hand for gifts that were unceremoniously discarded. It's sad to think of the thought and effort that represents rejected. Like you, I mostly focus on certain friends for handmade presents and hope the item is a delight and not a drag.