October 31, 2012

Wednesday Wins

Happy Halloween! I bought some candy this year in case we have anyone come by to Trick or Treat, which hasn't been the case the past four years, but just in case. 

Thrifting has been kind of skimpy lately, but I've found a few things.

A couple of picture frames; the black one has a pretty inlaid pattern around the edge, the other one is fun and cheerful. Some Ralph Lauren sunglasses in the case, new sugar cookie scented canclle for the holidays,  four bright cloth napkins and a vintage poinsettia handkerchief. We found the napkins and hanky at a yard sale we stumbled upon while out for a walk. In the back, a large twig ball that should look good twined with lights during the holidays.

Two Starbucks mugs with a Twelve Days of Christmas design.

A new Vera Bradley mouse pad.

This book is always popular.

Has yard sale season ended where you  live? Here it's newly revived since it isn't 100 degrees round the clock anymore. Are the thrift stores near you putting out holiday stuff now? Here it seems as if people clear out after Christmas, making January a good time to score. Does the availability of bargains go in cycles where you live? 

Happy haunting!

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