April 3, 2014

Ah, April!

Hello, all, how are you this rather drippy Thursday? Although I am very low on energy, I decided the dining room couldn't stay as messy as it was and began slowly to put out some Easter decor. Here is what's done so far:
I usually start with the desk. Basically, it's just a bunch of eggs under a cloche with a few others scattered around and a green plate with bunnies on the rim. The doily it's sitting on is yellow and purple, very seasonal.
The peg rack by the door has some special touches, branches of glittery beads, a cute box, more eggs and a beautiful card from a friend.
A small display on the table at one end of the sofa.
The top shelf of the bookcase with the little suitcase on it.
And a basket full of eggs safely behind bars on the dining room table. It's sitting on wicker tray that is the perfect size. That's all that's been done thus far, but there will probably be a little more before the month is done.

Take it easy,


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Tricia said...

Wow, Michele, I'm impressed with your efforts! I especially love that bunny plate in the first pic, but each vignette is appealing! You have inspired me to get busy this weekend!