April 7, 2014

Finally fixed

Hello, friends,

I hope your week is off to a good start. It is beautiful here now, after a cool early morning.

A while back I bought an item with a small flaw that seemed would be easy to repair.  It was this:
I like polka dots, so this caught my eye immediately. The only thing wrong with it was a scrape off the leather on the top left fastener for the handle. That didn't seem like a big deal to me--just buy a marker the same color and voila, no more white bit showing. Except it didn't work out that way. None of the markers really matched. Phooey. 

Today at Target on one of the marked down shelves, what should turn up but this:
So, for the outlay of .70 cents, my dots are spiffed up, ready to go:
You can't beat an easy, cheap, cute solution!

Till next time,

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Linda said...

Very clever! Good for you!