April 2, 2014

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Hello, friends,

It is nice to have the yard sale season back again. A couple of weeks ago we went to an indoor one in the Civic Center of a nearby community. I was delighted to find this:
I read recently that microwave popcorn you buy in a bag is really unhealthy, that you should pop it yourself. This maker was brand new in the box, never used, with instructions for $5.00. It works great. Later, on the way home, we found a couple more. I got some of these items there and a few at random thrift shops in the neighborhood.
Some collectible mugs to resell, three Starbucks and one Cath Kidson. A silver cup for a small succulent, two chairs for my collection and a throw pillow for our bed that picks u the bright green in the quilt. The smaller chair is most interesting for a label on the bottom for either the owner or maker, I presume, all the way from Scotland. I like the vintage hanging sorter and love the purse with the button design. It has never been used and the buttons are super pretty irl. A small empty drawer and a trivet with a cat and a bag of miscellaneous that will show up later in a vignette, so stay tuned.
A pretty bright bird with some thoughtful words:

a pair of mugs and last for me, a container for more plants that's made to look like a basket:
Oops, almost forgot one:
This is an embroidered shade from Ikea. I love the design, but was extra delighted because it was new in the package, which informed me the actual name of the product is Alfhild Fagel. Who couldn't use one of those?

 Mr. B made a phenomenal find which I'll show you later when he's made space so it can be photographed. All things considered, the world of thrifting seems to be perking up along with the weather!

Happy hunting!

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