August 21, 2012

Modest scores

Good afternoon, everyone. How are you all coping as August winds its way towards September? We had ran this weekend which was sorely needed and much appreciated. In between Mr. B and I got out and about and along with a couple end of last week stops, here are the latest finds:

The red Starbucks mug was found at Manna. We already had Flossie. Also from Manna:

From Sand Dollar at the end of last week I found a few things. Because of the cats we can't have any plants indoors except artificial ones, so I was delighted to find this big asparagus fern:

It looks very realistic.

These cuties came from the pricey Goodwill, but were the day's color of tags that were discounted 30%, so not too bad:

As you see, my little chair collection got another recruit. The miniature bird cage was empty when purchased, I just stuck a bird in it to take the picture. There are four of the acorns, which should be great for autumn decorating. You can't see well in the picture but the class bottle has wire mesh on the outside with a handle.Inside is sand, a tea light and shells.

Here are some of the scarves found at the SA last week:

Ralph Lauren


Other recent triumphs include getting an old, unused cat fountain out of the house to a member of FreeCycle, scheduled pickup this week of a couple of boxes of discards by Purple Heart and a box of donations to the branch library for their sale in October. In a house this small it's necessary to constantly cull and move things that don't work, fit or look right any more out the door; otherwise, I would have to stop going to thrift shops. Can you imagine the horror of that scenario? Neither can I. 

Off to c-c-c-c-c-clean. Wish me luck!



Tricia said...

Looks like you've found some goodies in recent days! My favorites are those wonderful acorns!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks like you got some great things in your travels, Michele! Since we downsized, I know very well what you are talking about. Before I buy anything now I have to make sure I know exactly where it is going.

Paula said...

Love that Vera scarf! That's a great find.