August 2, 2012

Thrift for the Soul

Hello again.

This post probably belongs in the category of collections, but it is more important and meaningful than baskets or aprons or tins. Around twenty years ago we moved into a house with no dining room, just the kitchen to eat in. Since we had two tables at that time, one moved into the living room. It is a dark wood gateleg that was settled at one end of the sofa with one side folded down and the other out. Upon it gradually accumulated a collection of religious art. Since we got a new sofa in January and pieces were shifted around to accommodate it, the items were relocated to the top of a desk. 

In no particular order, then: 

This is a wall with crosses on it, all from thrift shops. The little nicho isn't, it's from a store near us. 

Here is a little tin church--I guess it's supposed to be a candle holder, another iron cross and a little picture of Jesus blessing the children. The iron openwork basket has a hymnal for the armed forces and an old New Testament. 

The left side of the desk has candles on it, two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  a small set of the holy family and a larger one of Jesus. Mary on the right came with slight damage to her nose, since repaired by Mr. B.  Her price is still on the bottom, $3.93 from the Sand Dollar. The holy water stoup on the wall came from Catholic Charities resale shop. Not visible is a container of holy water my in-laws brought us from their trip to Israel a few years ago.

Here is another candle holder with the picture in front of it and a framed card of St. Michael the Archangel. 

The ceramic piece of the holy family on the flight to Egypt comes out during Epiphany. Some special seasonal items  appear at Easter and Christmas. The seated camel was belonged to my mother. Come to think of it, my youngest daughter gave us a set of three crosses that I haven't seen since we moved here following hurricane Ike. What on earth became of those?  Mr. B has given me two crosses one large and one small, but all the rest were found at thrift shops or estate sales. They are a permanent part of the decor in our home. Often the desk has a vintage embroidered dresser scarf laid crossways like a table runner on it, but the crocheted circle cloth seemed ideal for summer, so it's been out since June, also a Sand Dollar find. Besides being beautiful, these things make me think, give thanks and remember what is really important, visual aids to keep my heart on the right track. 

Do you look for spiritual help wherever you can find it, even if it's secondhand? 

Stay cool!



Tricia said...

I enjoyed seeing this collection -- I love the way you've incorporated family pieces with thrifted items. That whole area of the room makes a strong statement and draws the eye in an appealing way.

thistlewoodfarm said...

What wonderful collections! I love how you displayed the crosses and hearing the stories behind your collections!


Kathy Moody said...

What wonderful collections! I love the crosses. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your newest follower. :)