August 29, 2012

Wednesday Wins

Hello, all, and happy back to school to everyone with children or who teaches. Classes in Texas began Monday and that means it's a little less crowded in thrift stores now, which is nice. We live very near Travis Elementary, so this also means it's necessary to adjust errands to avoid getting stuck in the black hole of giant cars lining the streets on all sides that make it impossible to get in and out of our drive at arrival and release times. Today I headed to the post office around 9 o'clock, long enough after the early bell to miss all but the worst stragglers. From there I headed to the Sand Dollar and Goodwill stores a few blocks away and made some excellent scores. 

My collections got a boost with two more little twig chairs and a religious carved egg. 

The sunflower pail will go in with my August/September sunflower decorations. There is also a little tin box for holiday gift treat giving and some things to put on ebay, the new jigsaw  puzzle, batch of scarves and Mary Engelbreit box. There are actually three collectible mugs,  but only one made it to the photo session.

That paragon of inspectors, Flossie, was of course on hand to check out the purchases.If you look at the egg in the left of the picture you'll see it has a cross on one side and angel on the other. There is writing, but it seems to be in Cyrillic, so I sure can't read it. 

The major score is the birdcage. My modest collection only contained three examples, none round, so when one showed up today it went directly into my cart. The bottom is plastic and not especially attractive so it will be removed and a tray of some kind used as a base. My mind is already buzzing with ideas of how to use it for the holidays and beyond. It was expensive for me, $11.99, but then again, it's very cool, so definitely worth it.

Temperatures have been high lately, so there are fewer yard sales than usual. It's nice to find a few treasures inside where it's not hot and muggy. Today's bargain hunting made a nice break from staying indoors in the ac. Have you had any super finds lately or has your thrifting succumb to the dog days of  August? 

Stay cool!


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Oh, man. I am all too familiar with the black hole. I can't avoid it though. (which is smart btw) I have to be in it on purpose! Rats. I show up 30 minutes early to be in the front when I can. I am in and out of the Jr. high hole or high school twice a day (work) and then off to two different elementary schools after that. I miss the thrift stores. You are right, no more time for it. I love how kitty is looking for a bird in the cage! Great finds again!!!

Tricia said...

Woohoo! VERY cool about the birdcage! Can't wait to see what you (and Flossie) decide to do with it. And how fun to find more little chairs!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Michele,
I know what you mean about that car line. I am a retired school teacher! Now I spend my days blogging and gardening. I don't go to thrift stores too much, but we have an auction located near us that we attend every Monday. I can usually find some real deals there.

Kathie said...

I love that bird cage and the little pail! Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my drapes! I see you sell on ebay as well!