August 16, 2012

Up Above My Head

We're past the middle of August now, and all that comes to mind is, wow, when did Father Time decide to travel faster than the speed of light? Some of this confusion and incredulity may be the result of several nights in a row of poor sleep. Which makes it seem as if the calendar can't be right and at the same time difficult to string two coherent sentences together in a blog. With sleep, or the wistful thought of it in mind, it seemed like a good time to share this with you:

Our headboard is an old mantel, bought years ago on Labor Day weekend at an antique barn having a sale. It was $95. Mr. B filled in the hole with boards and repainted it. Since our oldest cat has started staying up there most of the time it needs to be repainted. I snagged a minute when she tottered off to the food dish to snap this photo, sans Bitty. The lamps are from Target. When we moved to this house unexpectedly in 2008 after the hurricane our wall-mounted ones wouldn't work. These shades are actually not the original ones, which were burlap. They just didn't work that well, so when browsing in Target a few months ago and the ones above were spotted on a  clearance shelf for $2.12 each, that seemed a great bargain. The pictures are from Pier I, nearly thirty years ago so have no recollection of how much they were. The wreath is from Manna, and cost a dime, yes, ten cents. The good night sign came from Catholic Charities and was $6.00. I love the way the words sit on a line that's rust-colored metal, which coordinates well with the lamps and ribbon trim on the shades. The bed will have to wait for later when the comforter isn't in the dryer.  You can't see, but there are a couple of nails up from pictures that used were there prior to furniture being rearranged; lazy me left then and hang a garland over them during the holidays. A recent addition to the room, as of Monday, is new curtain panels, again from Target. The problem with thrift shops and yard sales is there are never enough matching pieces. On the wall to the left as you look at the headboard there are three windows, 36" x 72" each. I've never found more than four used, so had to grab them on sale when it was possible. 

We used to have a bench at the foot of the bed, but this room is to small for it. Another one, much narrower, is always one of the things I'm on the lookout for. The room is small and the furniture and/or placement isn't ideal, so it's been difficult to get it together. Even after four years, there is a lot lacking for the overall effect to be calm, welcoming and attractive. Wish me luck at achieving that goal someday! Is your room a haven and refuge? If so, was it easy to accomplish or did it take a while? 

Until next time,


Leslie said...

Love the display!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Michele! So nice of you to stop by and compliment my tablescape! It seems like it's taken years for us to get our bedroom to be more of a refuge and less of a place to stash stuff. So you're certainly not alone! I've always liked the idea of turning a mantel into a headboard. Yours looks great!

Tricia said...

I love this display! It's a great mix of elements, and the goodnight so perfect for a bedroom.