May 15, 2012

Quality of Life

I was thinking about what makes my life easier this afternoon--not the Important parts, like husband, children, friends--but smaller, yet very useful things that increase the quality of life immensely. In no particular order:

Goo Gone. It takes off price stickers and grease pencil in no time flat. Shopping at thrift stores would be much less satisfying without this product.

Color Catchers. We have a lot of red stuff and this has saved a ton of laundry from the dreaded pink fade since it was invented.

Kitty Litter in a 40lb. box. You saw all the cats we have last week. Some wimpy small bag won't work for the numbers we're dealing with. Thank you, Kroger for its thrifty size and price.

Your basic humble hole punch. These are in constant use here, for paper pennant banners, making a gift tag out of part of an old card or calendar, attaching a label to something. It's a cheap tool, but hard to beat for utility.

A step stool and extending pincher device. I am short, folks, and without these aids would be limited to a very low range of activity.

Paper handkerchiefs. With terrible allergies, life without tissues would be one nonstop, icky mess. Thank goodness they were invented.

Baskets have the unbeatable combination of being useful and decorative both. Here is one that stays by the front door to corral umbrellas and walking sticks; one that has extra picture frames in it, and one that holds wine glasses, since there isn't sufficient cabinet space for them. These are just a  small sample of baskets in use at our house.

The US mail. I ship things several days a week and have since 2000. In all that time, less than one item per yearhas gone astray or been damaged. Most of the time they do a fantastic job here, which allows me peace of mind to sell on eBay and Amazon.

My library card. As much as I read, my life would have been much more barren and empty without this access to the world of reading that has enriched my life since the age of five.

The last there is no picture for: Romeo. No, not the Shakespeare character, my hairdresser, whose last name is really Romeo. She keeps my haircut so well that strangers are forever complimenting me and asking who my stylist is. Since my talent for hair and other beauty routines is non-existent, she has improved my appearance more than words can say for the past twenty + years and I'm grateful for her skill and friendship both.

What small goods and services do you find essential to improve and brighten up your life?

Have a wonderful Wednesday,


Tricia said...

A lovely post! It really IS the small things that can make or break happiness!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Thanks for the tip about Shout Color Cacher.

Toni said...

I always wondered it the color catcher works. I will have to give it a try. One thing I am grateful for is citronella candles. My deck would not be as relaxing without!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my coffee table.

Elegant Economies said...

Lovely post...little things really do matter!

Thoroughly Modern Me said...

All your items are priceless! Some of the smallest things can make life so much easier. I'm your newest follower.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

LOL - yes -- all the things we take for granted! Goo Gone is a staple product for me -- just used it a few days ago to remove glue/labels from jars.