May 30, 2012

A Little Project

Hello, everyone. A few weeks ago I found a piece of  decor at a thrift shop for under $2.00. It is a metal wall picture. The problem is, I liked the background, but not the "art" part of it. Here's what it started out as: 

As you can see, there is a purse on top of what looks like handwriting in a foreign script. I am not young enough to be crazy about purses or shoes anymore, so the bag had to go. Hmmm. What to replace it with? Several weeks later another thrift store trip offered a good alternative. Now the piece looks like this:

A black metal candle holder turned upside down looks like a crown, and there are plenty of those all over the world of blogs. The center got a piece of gold cardboard glued on it, topped with a fancy pin that had the back cut off it. This wasn't a huge or even big project, but it was fun and turned out nicely. It's already getting hot enough here that you need to find crafts that can be done inside, which won't be over for at least three months. This is a good beginning to the hunker down out of the heat time. I'm going to link it to Susan's Met Monday next week, over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Do you look at things in stores differently after reading blogs, and think it good now, but could be even better if . . . .

Stay cool!



JoKnows said...

Very creative! Looks great!

Sandy said...

I like what you did with your little
wall hanging.. where did you put it?
I'm a thrifter and go every week or so
to find such treasures...
I also wanted to thank you for your
sweet comment on my little sign for
my daughter.. It's fun making special
Thanks again and Have a great