January 29, 2013

A Teeny Little Upcycle

Hello, friends! Can you believe it's almost the end of January already? It seems impossible that's true, no matter what the calendar says. 

Here is an example of the re-use of a hand me down. My father-in-law sent home with Mr. B a wall rack that contained two Norman Rockwell plates on it, a nice thought, but Norm on display, not so much. The plates went into a donation box and here's what happened to the rack:
It's now holding four vintage rolling pins, a pastry blender and a trio of old strainers. The rest of the utensils sporting red wooden handles are on the shelf above the door along with the tartan ware. It's nice to have the rolling pins where they can be seen, though. Not to mention if Mr. B's shelf hanging continues to have problems, they'd be potentially dangerous if there is another tip that dumps the contents without warning. The rack is on a small section of wall between the cabinet and refrigerator and since the space is miniscule so within easy reach as well. 

What have you re-purposed recently? Do you try to be on the look out for ways to keep things out of the trash and in productive use? It's a good feeling when it works out, don't you think? 

Enjoy these last couple of days of January before they're gone!

Till next time,


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Tricia said...

Love this! Vintage rolling pins are the best! I wish I had some of Grandma Rachel's baking tools.