January 23, 2013

Wins of the Week

Hello, all. How are you this next to the last week of January? I've gone to a couple of stores in the neighborhood in the past few days and wanted to show you my loot.
As you can see, it's a very mixed lot with some stuff for us and other things to sell.
A miniature picnic basket for $1.41.
A round wire basket.
There are actually six of these Santa mugs by Waechtersbach, made in W. Germany. The others hadn't had their price stickers taken off yet. They were .79 cents each less a 25% discount at the Salvation Army on Monday.

This big gold N will be a gift for daughter Naomi.

This is a box made to look like stacked books. It didn't have the orange tag that gave 30% off, but I went on and paid the full price of $2.99.

This pretty  egg box held Godiva chocolates, so that's what it's future will probably be again at Easter.

This little chick egg cup is new with a label still on it.

A new in shrink wrap jigsaw puzzle featuring bunnies.

That's a bottle cork with a cool ceramic knob, very colorful.

The bucket bag from Tommy Hilfigger is very clean, looks unused and has a coin purse too. It was $2.72 and will go up for sale.

This triangular new box of pencils has a map scene on the box.

A new book and kit with materials to make friendship bracelets is also headed out the door.

This small Vera Bradley bag has a pretty green lining with white polka dots.
This Carolina Herrera scarf looks never used.

And finally, a Franciscan cup and saucer for oldest daughter, who inherited some other pieces in this pattern from her grandmother. It was $3.10. 

There are also two Ralph Lauren pillow cases, pink floral with a ruffle for $.99 cents each. They are king-sized so will go on ebay. I got three cute tops last week as well, a heather look sweater, a little khaki jacket and a black pullover sweater, but didn't have the patience to get those out to photograph. Oh, and I see not mentioned was a small metal basket shaped like a flower pot and an oval tin box decorated with books.

All in all, January has been a pretty good month here. What about your community? Is it a good month because folks are cleaning out, or a bad one because everyone is staying in because of bad weather?

Have a great week!


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Tricia said...

Looks like a very good haul! I especially like the stacked-books box and the scarf. You should probably have a link to wherever you sell things in your sidebar!