January 7, 2013

The Agony and the Irony

Hi, folks,

Sorry to be so late. I've had a hard time getting back into my normal routine after the holidays, especially with Mr. B having an erratic work schedule for a while. Middle daughter Mary gave me a cute red shelf unit for Christmas. Last Friday I spent some time making it into a small kitty shrine, based upon an idea read about in a book by Gretchen Rubin called Happier at Home which is very good; I highly recommend it. When finished it looked like this:
In it are several pieces of kitty memorabilia, some figurines, a box, matches, a tiny doll cookie cutter, collar from one who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year and one of my cat pins. On top is a holiday card with a very cute color photo of kittens on the front. I like the box and was pleased with how the display turned out. 

Fast forward twelve  hours. Early the next morning (here comes the irony) while distributing the weekly ration of wet food I saw, to my horror, this:

in a million pieces on the floor.  Yes, they managed to smash my giant glass cloche during the night. Somehow, neither of us woke up when it fell, don't ask me how. I know you all know exactly how sad losing this great aid to decorating makes me feel, but it's one of the hazards of having indoor pets. Sigh. 

Meanwhile, the winner of the first AIT giveaway is Karen Mary Butterfly. I'll be putting a box together to send out this week. And in case it wasn't mentioned earlier, a very happy new year from our house to yours.


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Tricia said...

Oh, your kitty shrine is darling! And so "you"! You are going to have fun decorating the wonderful red piece from Mary! Love the doll-sized cookie cutter! And I've already sent condolences on the loss of the Mother-of-All-Cloches -- still can't imagine how you slept through its demise!