January 21, 2013

One small project

Hello, all, 

I hope everyone is having weather as nice as it is here, and if that's not the case you are warm and dry.

Recently this was purchased  at the Sand Dollar near us for $3.93:

with the idea of using it in the front with succulents. After priming came spray paint. That didn't turn out quite right, resulting in this:

Wow, does that remind you instantly of egg yolks? Me too.Thus, on to Plan B after buying paint still food related, but much lighter. Krylon Buttercream. Let's go.

A much mellower shade, don't you think? After it dried the bottom was lined with the remains of a roll of cork last seen in the rehab of an ugly tray. Below it you can glimpse a bit of another $3.93 purchase, a mosaic orb. Here is the cart filled:

All the succulents are growing like crazy, including one bought at Ikea a couple of weeks ago. They have a small selection of houseplants, as well as some very realistic fake ones. Those might wind up in the cart on my next trip there, for indoor decorating. The little cart and the mosaic ball are two of my favorite recent finds. It seems as if around here lots of folks clean out and donate a fair amount after the holidays, so January can be a good month for bargain seekers. What's it like where you live? Does the installation of the new calendar send you out on the hunt? 

Here's to fantastic finds and treasures galore!

Till next time,

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Tricia said...

What a cool little cart! I agree -- buttercream is much prettier than the egg-yolk-yellow. I like the mosaic ball with the succulents, too!