January 11, 2013

This and That

Hello, friends,

Evidently the urge to continue the holidays has stayed with me, despite reality that we're well into January, a fairly boring month and often dreary to boot. I've done a few things this week, added this picture to the 
thrifted art collection:
I like the colors in it a lot, but especially the oval frame.

Also involving art work is one I put together from my 2012 calendar. My favorite artist is the Swedish painter, Carl Larrson. There were small examples of the large pages for each month on the back, so I picked three to put in a frame that was a gift several years ago from oldest daughter Hilary.

There are three winter scenes in bright colored wooden mats that remind me of the cheerful colors that often appear in his indoor compositions. Flossie seems dubious about my choices. She thinks that white stuff looks cold and wet. 

Finally, a cautionary tale. Wednesday there were massive storms here, a deluge of rain and street flooding. I stayed home and worked in this room where the computer and the books and other items I sell are located. Honestly, it looked like a candidate for the tv show about hoarders, it was so bad. I was lazy and didn't  keep it straight, but also some of the blame goes to cats who knocked things down and overturned boxes and stacks all the time. However, new year, new attitude. I worked in it all day long and made huge improvements, but not without a cost. There was a small, maple child's table in here. It is old, made of thick slabs of wood. Imagine my surprise when in the attempt to movie it a few inches in order to vacuum underneath, it broke right in two! Really, who would imagine that would happen? Sadly, not me, and this is the result:
Mr. B says he can fix it. I'll keep you posted. Have you ever had a well intentioned cleaning or organizing effort go horribly wrong? Isn't it the worst to be exhausted, stressed and created a disaster despite your best intentions? It's great this room is finally done, a good start to 2013, but a sad situation for that nice little table. 

Have a good weekend and stay warm!

Till next time,


Tricia said...

Yinkies about the little table! How bizarre! I really like the way you framed the Larsson prints. Where did you hang the frame?

Linda said...

Flossie probably rigged the table so it would collapse when you moved it. She's getting even because you put art in the picture frames instead of photos of her.

Linda said...

I also really like the picture of the birds in the oval frame. Very nice.