February 20, 2013

Belated Valentine

Hello, everyone,this is the last gasp from the holiday celebrated last week.

I made valentines for a few people, but forgot to take pictures of them before mailing. My friend Betty, who lives in Austin, kindly took pictures of the one she received.

This was a box of mints bought strictly because the polka dots are too cute and  I knew it could be reused sometime.

It is very simple. I added a felt rose sticker and some sparkly embellishments to the lid to cover up the product name, since I wasn't going to paint the tin. Inside was a heart on one of those folded paper springs with the message on it. Not elaborate, but still cute.  The one for Mr. B utilized an owl picture from a falling apart field guide with the question "Whoos Your Valentine?", appropriate since he's a bird enthusiast. Next year I'll try to remember to take pictures of things made by hand before putting them in the mail. 

Did you get or give a homemade valentine this year?

Till next time,


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