February 14, 2013

Hearts and Flowers

Hello, everyone, I hope you're having a sweet Valentine's Day wherever you are.

I thought I'd share a few of my decorations with you.
The oh-so-useful red box.
A small vignette on the end table on one side of the sofa. There are cherry M & Ms in a heart-shaped dish my friend Tricia gave me and the little red plate says "Cutie Pie" in the center.

The front door wreath with curling wire and silver hearts.
The peg rack inside the front door.
And one of my globes. I used alphabet beads to spell out "Love Makes the World Go Round" and added it to the sphere. In the picture it drooped and doesn't look great. Oh,well.

Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine. It comes at what is often a dreary time of the year, uses images and symbols of love and faithfulness with a serious emphasis on chocolate; indeed, what's not to like? Do you enjoy this fairly frivolous date on the calendar or mostly ignore it? My advice is  Keep Calm and BonBon On if at all possible.

Till next time,

1 comment:

Tricia said...

I enjoyed seeing your valentine decor. Cherry M&Ms? I must find some! Love the globe idea, too!