February 21, 2013

Mid-week report

Hi, again. It is dark and dreary again here, a total opposite from yesterday when the weather was gorgeous. You'd think it was February, or something.

Monday there was an urgent need to go to Petsmart for cat supplies. Since it's just a couple of blocks from the Salvation Army store and also discount day it seemed logical to check it out and sure enough, found a few things to bring home.
I got the little green cube to use either on a wall or in another way for a vignette after it's had a coat of paint. The  L is for granddaughter Lexi, whose birthday is next month. The road atlas is an ordnance survey of Britain which will feature in  future projects. The black and white check bowl was cool and coordinates with my white dishes with black words on them. The old-fashioned bicycle I just like, ditto the orb next to its wheel. It's white with a light aqua and yellow plaid pattern, perfect to go with summery themes come June. One picture frame has a little pineapple on top. I put a picture of a bird in it, from a field guide with a binding that's glue dried up. I didn't do a very good job of laying the things out, because what's hard to see is a large box from Pottery Barn covered with a green and blue paisley design fabric which again will do well for summer decor. The best buy was the bag, though. I like a backpack style. This is woven straw, with a lining and leather straps. The last straw one had ones made of cording, which wore out eventually, so this should work well and last longer. Best of all, it was new with tags on it, $7.99 less a 25 % discount.

Flossie was busy elsewhere and deputized her brother Freddy to supervise the picture.

How is your February thrifting going so far? 

Good luck!

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