February 6, 2013

Christmas Deja Vu

Hello, friends! How's February treating you so far? It's gloomy here today and looks like rain, so I hope we get some.

Do you recall this red box?
I put little items in it for Christmas.
Now it's changed its outfit to celebrate Valentine's Day:
It contains three heart candles, another one made to look like a fancy chocolate, a little book, a tiny red flower pot with a rose in it, an old key, a vintage hanky with another cloth flower and thanks to my friend Tricia's suggestion, a little glass bottle with red and pink buttons, an old wooden spool of red thread and a strawberry pin cushion. The bottom left and top right sections have flameless candles in each one, but they're rather hard to see in the photo. The book isn't anything to do with this holiday, but it fit the space, so it was covered with pink paper and a sticker on the front. The little white pitcher got an embellishment too, and is holding a tiny red heart that normally goes on a Mary Engelbreit pin cushion.

This is the latest incarnation of the little red box but surely not the last. It quite likely will show up again in July. Stay tuned.

What staple items do you have that are flexible and able to be used for different holidays and occasions? Do you enjoy ringing the changes with an old friend basket or vase or container, or would you rather find something new?

Have a great afternoon.



Tricia said...

Oh, this looks darling all decked out for Valentine's Day, Michele! Glad my button jar suggestion made the cut!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Michele!! I got the most amazing surprise package in the mail yesterday!!! It was like Christmas. I loved opening each and every little gift, bag and tin!! So fun! Just wonderful!! You really spoiled me!! Thank you so so much!