February 15, 2016

About last week. . .

Sorry for flaking off last week, but we had a death in the family and weren't home for a while. 

While organizing before that I came upon one of those plastic zipper bags that originally had a pillow sham in it, now being used for small pieces of fabric. They were in no shape to use at that point:
as you can see. Pretty scrunched up and wrinkled in general. Then it occurred to me that there as no need to go in Mr. B's studio and get out the ironing board, because my oldest daughter gave me this for Christmas:
It's a real iron, exactly four inches tall. Perfect for this job.
In less than five minutes, voila! Pretty cute and ideal for tiny jobs, like a single ribbon or one creased edge. 

We are trying to get back to normal routines, so let's hope the rest of the week offers more ideas and inspiration than has been the case the past few days.

Have a good one!


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