February 3, 2016

Hearts and . . . Smoked Meats

Hello, friends,

Since despite any logical reason for this to be the case, dates tend to sneak up and surprise me, it seemed prudent to get busy on valentines before the holiday escaped me entirely. Here are the first efforts:
This new small notebook with hearts on the cover turned up in Goodwill today for .49 cents. To it was added from my stash:
Another heart, that does this:
Inside is the message:
The other is more of an assemblage:
Starting with this deck of bacon playing cards,

with the addition of letter tiles, this message was added. More tomorrow.

I hope Wednesday is sweet for you. Practice is always good.  Pass the chocolate,


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Both are super cute! And I think I know who the bacon one is for!