February 29, 2016

Sad decorating

Hello, folks,

My blogging was abbreviated last week because we had to go out of town to a funeral for my brother-in-law. He was a really good person who died far too soon at the age of 61. 

An arrangement of flowers we sent were mounted on a cross. It was very pretty, until one of the attendees bumped it and knocked it down. Then, not so much. We were planning to leave it at the church for their use, but since it couldn't be reassembled we took it with us. Here are the sections I brought home:
David was always a generous spirit and that continued to the end, with his organs donated as his final gift to others. We used to e-mail each other and sign off with YFSIL and YFBIL. Farewell to my favorite brother-in-law who will be sorely missed. 


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Tricia said...

The flowers look lovely in the mercury glass containers! Glad you were able to enjoy them for a while after your BIL's service. I love the way you two signed your emails to one another!