February 4, 2016

Still seeing red

Hi, everyone,

No, not seeing red in the sense of being angry, but very much in a hearts and love way. Today there are a couple more decorations in the library:
Sorry for the less than ideal lighting. Here are a wall pocket from a thrift shop and a rag trimmed wreath made several years ago hung together near a bookcase.
A pair of lovebirds on a little wooden sign from Value Village. Because of the way the wire hanger goes through holes, it occurred to me to back it with a red doily, which was easy as pie.
More hearts and glitter. All the picks were from a long ago dollar store that moved.
That sweet little bird has to go on a high shelf so its damage isn't visible. One or some of our cats want to kill anything made out of felt. So far they've gotten to the birdie, a darling Christmas ornament and a whole string of felt heart garland that Target sadly doesn't sell anymore. The said thing is, in the case of the bird and garland the items were put away, after February was over. The culprit rooted them out of a box where they were stored. The Christmas ornament was bought on sale this year after December and destroyed within hours of coming into the house. Sigh. The heart in the middle was a gift from a daughter at Christmas.
A suitcase full of love and good wishes on a tiny display shelf in the same area.

That's all I've got for today. Have a great evening,


1 comment:

Rue said...

Very cute, Michele. I love that little heart rag wreath especially :)


PS I agree with you about Joanna Gaines and living in caves. That was hilarious!