February 16, 2016

Can this marriage be saved?

Hello, all,

Years ago a magazine featured a  piece each month called "Can this marriage be saved?". It seems as though it was in Ladies Home Journal, but that may not be right. Today we have another challenge, this time starring a piece of furniture bought recently at Value Village. The question is, can this table be saved?
Here it is in the hallway under inspection by Freddie and Freckles. 
A visual, sans cats. The top is pretty beat up. 
One gateleg part  is missing, so in this shot that side is propped against the wall.
The legs are not as battered as the top, thank goodness. What do you think? Is it destined to stay a sow's ear, or does it have silk purse potential? At least the price was sufficiently low at $6/56 to make me take on this sturdy little survivor as a project. Check back again for progress reports.

Take it easy!


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Tricia said...

When I saw your blog title, I thought, "Oh, no! What has Mr. B spilled/dribbled/splashed now??" Glad to see he's in the clear! And, yes, it was definitely Ladies' Home Journal with that monthly feature. The table has charming potential, so I'll be interested to see what you do with it. Is Restore-a-finish the answer? Painting it? Stay tuned!