March 1, 2016

Slow Food?

Have you heard of the slow food movement? I'm not familiar with the details, just the name, which doesn't grab me. I'm all about fast food, in the sense that it be quick for me to prepare at home. Alas, my tendency is more about slow clean, not a movement that has any supporters that I'm aware of. 

Every few weeks or couple of months I try to go round the house and do more of a deep clean, which due to my lack of speed means  only works to focus on one room per day. Yesterday it was the living room and today the library got the fix. It wasn't too bad, in that it was already fairly tidy with the most urgent needs being extensive dusting and vacuuming, which were accomplished. Pillows got switched out and other minor adjustments made. Since it is also so warm today I've got on shorts, it was clearly time to un-winter the little what-not. 
It has a little lamb on the top shelf and the pitcher below got a sprig of spring flowers and spray of blue eggs. 

On the other side is the strange area we can't really identify on one wall, but has a mirror on it now. To perk that up, these were added:

A string of blue, yellow and green string lights across the top. Those are always fun, don't you think? Even though the season hasn't officially changed yet, that it's the first of March and very warm seems a good enough reason for me to start the process. 

Have a great evening!


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