March 29, 2016


Hello, friends,

Today I managed to get something done that was important to me, but had gone undone for years, maybe ten or more. Last week after a special push to remember to do it, my wedding ring was dropped at a jeweler to be resized. Monday someone from the store called to say it was ready for pickup, which made it the top spot on my list of errands today.

Yay! But wait, there's more. I had BOLO for a new summer quilt for a while. None in the thrift shops worked. I bought one at Tuesday Morning, but it looked bad once it was here and got returned last week. Last night it occurred to me one place that hadn't been checked out is the Burlington Coat Factory a couple of blocks from home, so I went there this morning. They had a big selection and there were actually three or four that were good possibilities. But this is what came home with me:

Sorry about the cat. They're an ongoing hazard in taking pictures at our house. 

A close up of the pattern. 

It coordinates well with the rug in the room, which was what went awry with the coverlet from Tuesday Morning. It clashed horribly. This is also okay, if not great, with the drapes in the bedroom. 

One last look. Trixie is stoically hanging in there. Design and decor issues are not about to interrupt her nap, nosirree! I am glad to find something with the BoHo vibe that appeals to me and at a surprisingly low price. Now, on to look for a different bed skirt in one of the colors in the print. If that's not available, there's Rit to try. 

Have a good afternoon and relaxing evening. 

Later, Michele

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Tricia said...

Glad you're back into your wedding ring, and the new coverlet is very pretty and spring-y!