March 24, 2016

Using a time machine

Hello, all,

Yesterday a charity was going to pick up some discards, so those were set by the front door early in the day. It seemed like a good idea to see if there was anything else to add to the total, so I rummaged around. One thing I checked was a vintage suitcase with stuff stored in it. It provided a real walk down memory lane, as well as a minor mystery. 

There were plenty of papers, pictures, reports and the like done by youngest daughter Naomi. This was a fortuitous find since she and her husband are coming to visit on Easter. A big bundle is ready for her to take home. 

There were some odds and ends of the Huh? variety that were either dumped or went to a bag for donation, but most of the rest were baby clothes. 

This plaid wool blanket was bought before my oldest son was born, while I was working in downtown Houston. It was purchased at the Main Street Woolworth's store. At age 19 it seemed like a perfect layette necessity, with both pink and blue in the pattern. Yes, Virginia, there was a time when no one knew if their baby would be a boy or a girl.

This little cotton kimono also belonged to Cam. It has tiny sprigs of yellow flowers on a white background.

 Several of the children wore these yellow corduroy overalls.

And this batik dinosaur tee shirt from the Museum of Natural Sciences.

The younger girls loved this flowers gone wild wrap dress.

This little corduroy jumper got a lot of wear, too.

This pair of shorts was worn by all of my children, except our second son, plus my niece. Let me add Theo was left out because he was two when adopted, thus too large for the size.

Last but not least, this brightly embroidered dress worn by Naomi. With her black hair and bright eyes she looked adorable in it.

As for the mystery, it's the brown stains that appeared on several of the pieces while stored. The suitcase is leather with a satin lining. What causes random spots like that?  Nothing was wrapped in plastic or left anywhere near a leak of any kind. So, ????? 

With multiple moves made by us and the kids' father a bunch of things have been lost over the years. I'm glad these were saved. It is fun to see them again, even though it feels impossible that any of them were every that tiny now! 

Have a good rest of the day. 


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Tricia said...

What fun to walk down Memory Lane, remembering how cute the kids were in their special outfits!