March 31, 2016

Dining Table Doings

Hello, Friends,

Today I zipped into Sand Dollar quick like a bunny before it was time for Bible study. I got two books, a Vera Bradley bag, and this,

a bunch of fake succulents in a wooden crate. It's a good size, 16" x 10". With my love of all things succulent and inability to have live plants in the house, it seemed ideal to spruce up the dining room table. After filling in the holes with some extra plants from other parts of the house, this is the result:

It adds a good seasonal touch, don't you think?

A white runner adds some contrast to the wood of the table. 

A birds-eye view, looking down at it. That's my sole effort in decorating today, after going to St. Andrew's, followed by a trip to grocery shop. 

Remember, as my friend Susie used to say, it's Friday eve!


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