March 7, 2016

Late doesn't mean never.

Hi, folks,

As some of you loyal souls are aware we moved here in June, 2014. Since then the library has acquired furniture, lamps and a rug, but the windows were still covered with rock bottom cheapest mini-blinds on the planet. That sad situation is no more. On the way back from Bible study last week my car all on its own pulled into the parking lot at Value Village, and that's a good thing. Or, more correctly, A Good Thing. Because, you see, there in the linens section were discovered a batch of Martha Stewart velvet curtains, five panels for $24.50. Velvet curtains were the goal for that room all along, but until Thursday my luck was abysmal. I'd found velvet exactly once, and then there were only two pieces for sale, so this felt like hitting the jackpot. 
Mr. B had to cut the rod down to fit the space and we had to buy rug hooks to hang it on since he didn't bring the brackets that came with it, but they're in place at long last. 
It's really nice to finally have something that looks nice on the windows and it only took almost two years! There is even a spare panel if it's ever needed. Plus, it should help keep the room cooler in the summer. 

That's my big news. Have a good week.



Rue said...

Hi Michele,

The drapes look great! I know what's it's like to wait for things to get done ;)

I'm so sorry about the loss of your Brother-in-law. May he rest in peace.

hugs to you,

Tricia said...

Michele, they look great! And you got them hung in record time, too. I'm sure they'll make a big difference this summer, keeping the heat out.