February 22, 2013

Something for the Season

Hello, friends,

This week has been mostly overcast and dreary, appropriate for this time of the year, but hardly cheerful. While stuck inside I used items already on hand to make this modest addition to my religious display:

The electric candle left over from Christmas joined one of my statues of Jesus, a small globe and Scrabble tiles used to spell out the message of his role as Light of the World. The candle is usually left on, but had to be turned off to take the picture.This is a good reminder that the wait through Lent to Easter won't last forever, and the untold blessings in store.

Do you enjoy putting disparate pieces together in new ways? 

Have a great weekend!


February 21, 2013

Mid-week report

Hi, again. It is dark and dreary again here, a total opposite from yesterday when the weather was gorgeous. You'd think it was February, or something.

Monday there was an urgent need to go to Petsmart for cat supplies. Since it's just a couple of blocks from the Salvation Army store and also discount day it seemed logical to check it out and sure enough, found a few things to bring home.
I got the little green cube to use either on a wall or in another way for a vignette after it's had a coat of paint. The  L is for granddaughter Lexi, whose birthday is next month. The road atlas is an ordnance survey of Britain which will feature in  future projects. The black and white check bowl was cool and coordinates with my white dishes with black words on them. The old-fashioned bicycle I just like, ditto the orb next to its wheel. It's white with a light aqua and yellow plaid pattern, perfect to go with summery themes come June. One picture frame has a little pineapple on top. I put a picture of a bird in it, from a field guide with a binding that's glue dried up. I didn't do a very good job of laying the things out, because what's hard to see is a large box from Pottery Barn covered with a green and blue paisley design fabric which again will do well for summer decor. The best buy was the bag, though. I like a backpack style. This is woven straw, with a lining and leather straps. The last straw one had ones made of cording, which wore out eventually, so this should work well and last longer. Best of all, it was new with tags on it, $7.99 less a 25 % discount.

Flossie was busy elsewhere and deputized her brother Freddy to supervise the picture.

How is your February thrifting going so far? 

Good luck!

February 20, 2013

Belated Valentine

Hello, everyone,this is the last gasp from the holiday celebrated last week.

I made valentines for a few people, but forgot to take pictures of them before mailing. My friend Betty, who lives in Austin, kindly took pictures of the one she received.

This was a box of mints bought strictly because the polka dots are too cute and  I knew it could be reused sometime.

It is very simple. I added a felt rose sticker and some sparkly embellishments to the lid to cover up the product name, since I wasn't going to paint the tin. Inside was a heart on one of those folded paper springs with the message on it. Not elaborate, but still cute.  The one for Mr. B utilized an owl picture from a falling apart field guide with the question "Whoos Your Valentine?", appropriate since he's a bird enthusiast. Next year I'll try to remember to take pictures of things made by hand before putting them in the mail. 

Did you get or give a homemade valentine this year?

Till next time,


February 14, 2013

Hearts and Flowers

Hello, everyone, I hope you're having a sweet Valentine's Day wherever you are.

I thought I'd share a few of my decorations with you.
The oh-so-useful red box.
A small vignette on the end table on one side of the sofa. There are cherry M & Ms in a heart-shaped dish my friend Tricia gave me and the little red plate says "Cutie Pie" in the center.

The front door wreath with curling wire and silver hearts.
The peg rack inside the front door.
And one of my globes. I used alphabet beads to spell out "Love Makes the World Go Round" and added it to the sphere. In the picture it drooped and doesn't look great. Oh,well.

Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine. It comes at what is often a dreary time of the year, uses images and symbols of love and faithfulness with a serious emphasis on chocolate; indeed, what's not to like? Do you enjoy this fairly frivolous date on the calendar or mostly ignore it? My advice is  Keep Calm and BonBon On if at all possible.

Till next time,

February 7, 2013

A Wet Wednesday

Hello, all, I hope you all are warm and dry. We had steady rain, so my day was  spent at home, indoors. Good thing I went out Tuesday to find some goodies, then!
It's an assortment. Children's books were half off, so I got four of those for less than $2.00. In the bin of handmade pillowcases I got one with kittens, a Strawberry Shortcake and the little one in dark blue with the silhouette picture that's by the front. Oh, and the Valentine one for me, put on a pillow for current decoration. Next to it is a heavy zinc looking vase that's a wall pocket that was $1.50 and some cute holiday cards to put away till December. They are leaning against an interesting cork tray, above which is a cool pillow sham to be used on our bed this summer. Oh, and there is a coin purse made from juice drink pouches with a zipper closure.

A pretty spring bag from Talbots,

a black and white Vera scarf,

a new puzzle with canoes on a beach

and a recipe box by Marjolein Bastin. Most of these will go on ebay except for the cork tray, metal look vase and quilted sham. They all came from my old reliable, Sand Dollar.There aren't many amenities, but the prices are generally excellent. I still think they're dreaming about ever selling the chandelier on the front counter with a $250 price tag, though. Especially since some of the crystal beads look suspiciously plastic to me!

What thrifty thrills have you had lately? 

Take care,

February 6, 2013

Christmas Deja Vu

Hello, friends! How's February treating you so far? It's gloomy here today and looks like rain, so I hope we get some.

Do you recall this red box?
I put little items in it for Christmas.
Now it's changed its outfit to celebrate Valentine's Day:
It contains three heart candles, another one made to look like a fancy chocolate, a little book, a tiny red flower pot with a rose in it, an old key, a vintage hanky with another cloth flower and thanks to my friend Tricia's suggestion, a little glass bottle with red and pink buttons, an old wooden spool of red thread and a strawberry pin cushion. The bottom left and top right sections have flameless candles in each one, but they're rather hard to see in the photo. The book isn't anything to do with this holiday, but it fit the space, so it was covered with pink paper and a sticker on the front. The little white pitcher got an embellishment too, and is holding a tiny red heart that normally goes on a Mary Engelbreit pin cushion.

This is the latest incarnation of the little red box but surely not the last. It quite likely will show up again in July. Stay tuned.

What staple items do you have that are flexible and able to be used for different holidays and occasions? Do you enjoy ringing the changes with an old friend basket or vase or container, or would you rather find something new?

Have a great afternoon.


February 5, 2013

PS and Sneak Peek

Remember the last post with the Mardi Gras wreath in it?
Today while checking the mail I spied the ornament from the middle, so here it is restored:
Much better with the gaudy addition.

A few months ago I bought a small box with little sections that is slated for a makeover coming soon to a blog near you. Here it is now:
Flossie is not sure what to think about it now.
I was pleased to see it was possible to do this:
which will make it a whole lot easier to paint.
Weather permitting, this may be ready by the end of this week, so stay tuned.

Our weather is glorious today, so there's no excuse not to head out for a walk.

Till next time,

February 2, 2013

Hello, February!

Happy Saturday, all. I hope your weekend is going well so far. I did a small bit of decorating yesterday, then took one aspect down to rework. That was a wreath for the front door that had its embellishments removed and transferred to a different one that is less lopsided and lumpy. Now our front door is all about Mardi Gras:
It's an ordinary wreath strung with beads and wrapped with purple and green ribbon as well as some ruched gold trim. There is a small pair of comedy and tragedy masks suspended from the bottom. Wait a minute. It did have a metallic gold, purple and green decoration in the middle that apparently has blown away. Oops!

The terrarium also got blinged up before the austerity of Lent arrives:
The fake succulents have been joined by some gaudy masks complete with glitter, feathers and dramatic shapes and more beads, larger and shinier. It's a cheerful addition of color and cheer at this time of year.

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? Being next door to Louisiana, it's always been a popular holiday in Houston. Galveston Island celebrates for twelve days straight, from the first till Ash Wednesday with  parades, live entertainment, balcony parties and much more. If you plan to indulge, laissez les bons temps rouler! 

Till next time,