March 31, 2015


Hey, Peeps, how's Tuesday treating you so far? 

It dawned on me this morning my entry yesterday was incomplete, so here you go:
I really like the combination of both prints together. 

Have a good one!


March 30, 2015

Pondering over Paisley

How's it going? We had another beautiful day here. 

Here is a modest little project done today. I bought this quilted sham a while back:
and planned to use it with our summer bedding. However, I really liked the pattern on the other side, too:
Hmm. Why not use both? Here's how it wound up:
The best of both and a black button for accent too. What's not to like? What do you think?

Later, Michele


March 27, 2015

The Bunny Trail

Hi, all,

Here it is Friday again; how did that happen? I have continued with a little more bunny-related decor the past couple of days. 
The centerpiece on the dining room table.
I used the white candlesticks that were in the library last.
There is more to see outside, too. You know how hard it is for me to resist small chairs, so when this one showed up at the MAM store for $5.00 it had to hop in my cart. 
How cute is that? It has a wooden frame with the seat and back woven out of that acrylic/plastic twine. Could it be any more perfect for Easter?
Wasn't it made to hold that .99 cent pail from Goodwill? They sure seem like an ideal pair to me.
What a cutie!

Have a great weekend.




March 25, 2015

Still outside

Hi, Folks,

Happy Hump Day to everyone. Mine was unusually busy, but I did manage to do a little more simple decorating outside. Looking in my boxes of Easter decor there were several decorative pails, which have now been put on seasonal duty with the plants in the front. 
There is an aqua one with a funny bunny on it, with a Mary Engelbreit to its left on the turquoise stool. 
The coral one with white flowers is from a Goodwill trip today. 
A string of carrots by the mailbox.
These succulents are doing so well that I took some out to put in another pot.
 They are in the little Adirondack chair now.
One other little bunny pail, although with the glare it's hard to see. Switching out containers is an easy way to add an extra touch for holidays, and you know I am all about taking the easy way whenever possible! There are still some empty pots which we should be able to fill soon, now that the weather is a little more amenable to being out doors at last. 
That's all from our place today.
Take it easy!


March 24, 2015

Time to switch gears

Hello, friends,
After a second day of sunshine and perfect temperatures, with Palm Sunday coming up soon, it seemed time to move on and make a switch, starting out front. 
Hanging this wreath even motivated me to scrub the door with a magic eraser and strong cleaner. It's not perfect now, but a lot better than before. How does an exterior door develop multiple big, noticeable scuffs, anyway? Surely if movers bumped it once or twice bringing furniture inside there wouldn't be that much visible grunge? 
Here is the one on the side. The glass probably needs similar attention, but that hasn't happened yet. 
How do you do your holiday changes? Do you start outside and work inward or do the opposite? Either way, it's a cheery prospect to think Easter is so soon, even if here we do that while automatically drawing a mental veil over the heat of summer soon to follow all too soon. 
Take it easy!


March 23, 2015

I. Give. Up.

Someone I used to know would say "Some days, chicken, some days feathers." Perhaps she was too ladylike to go to the third degree involving another product of chickens, and I'm not talking about eggs! This afternoon while working on my auction descriptions for next week there was a horrendous crash. It wasn't in here or the hall or kitchen. The usual four-footed suspects seemed as unnerved as myself. In the living room the source of the noise was revealed:

The shelf Mr. B put on the wall gave way suddenly, dumping the cat shrine and breaking much of the contents to smithereens. I spent more than half a day at Manna working and was tired already. Cleaning up this level of mess was not on my list of things to do this afternoon, but what are the options? Some days chicken, some days feathers, some days chicken stuff you try to avoid stepping in. Let's all cross our fingers Tuesday is a whole lot better. 

March 20, 2015


Hey, gals and pals!

What day is it? First day of spring, whoo hoo! How nice to have the about half hour of this season that is how long it lasts in Texas. SUCH a different season entirely that what I experienced the five years we lived in the Midwest. Still, it's reason to celebrate; why not? In honor of what's going on outside I added a few touches indoors, too. 

New flower candles from the last trip to Goodwill. Here's a closeup:
From a trip to Sand Dollar a few weeks ago:
Flower string lights. They were new, too. See how much they are like the candles:
I love the festive touch they add indoors, while Mother Nature is doing her own thing outside!We've got rain predicted, but never mind, it's almost the weekend. I hope yours is fun and relaxing.


March 19, 2015

Found on Tuesday

I had a decent quick trip to the nearest Goodwill on Tuesday. My favorite find was a piece for my religious display, a slightly shabby stature of Jesus. Here it is:
A little beat up, but that just means it went from one home where it was much appreciated to another. It's one more reminder of how close it is to Easter. Wow, is this year ever going by fast! 

Have a good one.



March 18, 2015

Orange You Glad. . .

that the BoHo decorating trend encourages more pops of orange in the world? It's not a color that's shown up much in my dress or house before, but now how about:

 a fat quilted C from Anthropologie

a poster that belongs to Mr. B

a mini-suitcase with a bright blue handle

a retro glass jar that could hold a candle.

 one picture frame more with squiggles galore.
even some clothes, like a stripedy shrug

and a checked silk scarf that's cute as a bug. 

Do you have any touches of orange in your spring decor? 

Have a good one!


March 17, 2015

Duct Tape Delight

I picked up four decorative candles today that came in a wooden box. Hmm.

Plain, huh. But with a few minutes and some duct tape. . . 
Not so plain anymore! I love the bright design of stripes, dots, chevrons and more. Don't you think the person who thought of making decorative duct tape should at the very least get a MacArthur Genius Grant, if not higher accolades? 
Take it easy,

March 13, 2015

Be Tweet

Hello, friends,

Happy end of the week to you. I have been at home all day since the weather is still so grim there's little encouragement to do any gallivanting. In between doing laundry, figuring out dinner and herding cats I set out a few more birds. By the front door:
a nest, Anthropologie feather plate and pretty glass robin ornament.
Under a cloche on the dining room table.
two little birds in the corner. 
in the terrarium, a little potting bench and a couple of nests. 

With chores still left undone, I'll say bye for now. Have a great weekend.



March 11, 2015

Straining Towards Spring

It's still cold, dark and damp here outside, but that's no reason not to move on indoors, is it? Here are the first tentative efforts in that direction inside:
on a bookcase shelf;
another section of the bookcase.
Hiding in a fern.
On the coffee table.
Joining in the BoHo.
Sitting on a chair. 

Cheep, cheep!