March 20, 2015


Hey, gals and pals!

What day is it? First day of spring, whoo hoo! How nice to have the about half hour of this season that is how long it lasts in Texas. SUCH a different season entirely that what I experienced the five years we lived in the Midwest. Still, it's reason to celebrate; why not? In honor of what's going on outside I added a few touches indoors, too. 

New flower candles from the last trip to Goodwill. Here's a closeup:
From a trip to Sand Dollar a few weeks ago:
Flower string lights. They were new, too. See how much they are like the candles:
I love the festive touch they add indoors, while Mother Nature is doing her own thing outside!We've got rain predicted, but never mind, it's almost the weekend. I hope yours is fun and relaxing.


1 comment:

Barbara said...

Girl, I've got to get out and hit the stores before you get all the good stuff. I love those decorative strings of lights. I haven't been in any of the stores lately to many housekeeping chores lately. But I'll be out soon.