March 27, 2015

The Bunny Trail

Hi, all,

Here it is Friday again; how did that happen? I have continued with a little more bunny-related decor the past couple of days. 
The centerpiece on the dining room table.
I used the white candlesticks that were in the library last.
There is more to see outside, too. You know how hard it is for me to resist small chairs, so when this one showed up at the MAM store for $5.00 it had to hop in my cart. 
How cute is that? It has a wooden frame with the seat and back woven out of that acrylic/plastic twine. Could it be any more perfect for Easter?
Wasn't it made to hold that .99 cent pail from Goodwill? They sure seem like an ideal pair to me.
What a cutie!

Have a great weekend.




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