April 8, 2014

Out of step

Hello, all, and a wonderful Tuesday to you.

It's probably time to make a confession. Despite the overwhelming love all over the blogosphere, chalkboard paint doesn't do a thing for me. Furthermore, nor does burlap make me happy. Now this admission has been made it wouldn't surprise me to hear a mob beating on the door, ready to tar and feather anyone who would admit to such heresy, but it is the truth. Not long ago, though, at my regular haunt, Sand Dollar, there was something that does make me excited, and for under a dollar, at that. A couple of things, actually. 
There were three of these plain clipboards for .90 cents. But wait, there's more!
No, not the sleeping black cat, the big roll of cork next to him was also .90 cents. I love cork. It is such an interesting and natural material, what's not to like?
A little glue and some scissors, some twine to hang it up and my board is newly chic. At least to me. There was a lot left, so I used it here:
We have very little storage in the kitchen here, so years ago I bought a beat-up chest of drawers at a yard sale for $10.00. Mr. B obligingly made the removable wooden divider to separate flatware. I took out the dinner forks to show how after taking the divider out to clean it, the bottom was lined with more of the cork. It certainly makes for quieter dispersal of the pieces and it looks nice too. Why cork has never gotten the recognition it deserves is a mystery to me. It's a wonderful thing!

Take it easy,

April 7, 2014

Finally fixed

Hello, friends,

I hope your week is off to a good start. It is beautiful here now, after a cool early morning.

A while back I bought an item with a small flaw that seemed would be easy to repair.  It was this:
I like polka dots, so this caught my eye immediately. The only thing wrong with it was a scrape off the leather on the top left fastener for the handle. That didn't seem like a big deal to me--just buy a marker the same color and voila, no more white bit showing. Except it didn't work out that way. None of the markers really matched. Phooey. 

Today at Target on one of the marked down shelves, what should turn up but this:
So, for the outlay of .70 cents, my dots are spiffed up, ready to go:
You can't beat an easy, cheap, cute solution!

Till next time,

April 4, 2014

A bit more decor

Hello, folks. are you TGIF-ing away? We have another beautiful day, a little cooler, too.

Yesterday I showed you some seasonal decor, but realized a couple of major areas got left out, so here they are.
This is the buffet. There are a couple of bunnies in the terrarium, enjoying the greenery and a pair of rabbit candlesticks to either side. A small lamb vase holds some vintage flowers to the right.
On the coffee table we've switched to a white wicker tray that holds the little white church, a china bunny, and a Mary Engelbreit Easter pail full of jelly beans.
I added this to the desk. The golden cloche is from last year. The cross on a chain came from a rummage sale at a local church last fall. With the aid of a small gold safety pin I suspended its chain and set it upon a candle holder base. That's my Friday effort. 
Have a wonderful weekend!


April 3, 2014

Ah, April!

Hello, all, how are you this rather drippy Thursday? Although I am very low on energy, I decided the dining room couldn't stay as messy as it was and began slowly to put out some Easter decor. Here is what's done so far:
I usually start with the desk. Basically, it's just a bunch of eggs under a cloche with a few others scattered around and a green plate with bunnies on the rim. The doily it's sitting on is yellow and purple, very seasonal.
The peg rack by the door has some special touches, branches of glittery beads, a cute box, more eggs and a beautiful card from a friend.
A small display on the table at one end of the sofa.
The top shelf of the bookcase with the little suitcase on it.
And a basket full of eggs safely behind bars on the dining room table. It's sitting on wicker tray that is the perfect size. That's all that's been done thus far, but there will probably be a little more before the month is done.

Take it easy,


April 2, 2014

Recent scores.

Hello, friends,

It is nice to have the yard sale season back again. A couple of weeks ago we went to an indoor one in the Civic Center of a nearby community. I was delighted to find this:
I read recently that microwave popcorn you buy in a bag is really unhealthy, that you should pop it yourself. This maker was brand new in the box, never used, with instructions for $5.00. It works great. Later, on the way home, we found a couple more. I got some of these items there and a few at random thrift shops in the neighborhood.
Some collectible mugs to resell, three Starbucks and one Cath Kidson. A silver cup for a small succulent, two chairs for my collection and a throw pillow for our bed that picks u the bright green in the quilt. The smaller chair is most interesting for a label on the bottom for either the owner or maker, I presume, all the way from Scotland. I like the vintage hanging sorter and love the purse with the button design. It has never been used and the buttons are super pretty irl. A small empty drawer and a trivet with a cat and a bag of miscellaneous that will show up later in a vignette, so stay tuned.
A pretty bright bird with some thoughtful words:

a pair of mugs and last for me, a container for more plants that's made to look like a basket:
Oops, almost forgot one:
This is an embroidered shade from Ikea. I love the design, but was extra delighted because it was new in the package, which informed me the actual name of the product is Alfhild Fagel. Who couldn't use one of those?

 Mr. B made a phenomenal find which I'll show you later when he's made space so it can be photographed. All things considered, the world of thrifting seems to be perking up along with the weather!

Happy hunting!

April 1, 2014

Eggs Marks the Spot

Hey, friends, how's your Tuesday? We have another beautiful day here, so it seemed like a good idea to do some switching outside. Without further ado, I give you:
The front door has a new to us egg wreath picked up at a yard sale last fall. It was hot enough still that the sale holders were ready to slash prices, so this was $3.00. I was happy to store it for six months, since it's in good shape. 
Which leaves the old one for the back door. It's probably better, since it's more sheltered and less windy there. It suffered from egg loss being battered on more turbulent days last year. Now we're set up to greet people for the Easter season. Stay tuned for more decor inside coming soon.

Are you ready to start celebrating Easter too?

Till next time,