June 30, 2015

I don't know . . .

Hi, everyone,

Instead of a post today I tried to revamp my profile and change the picture in the header. Whether it works or not, I'm not sure. It's still a work in progress.

That's all I've got.

Michele - off to look for water wings since it's pouring again!

June 29, 2015

Pick the one that doesn't fit.

Hey, Peeps,

I'm really skidding in at the last minute after being gone all day. I thought I'd show you a few small BoHo touches put out recently.
This bright box has a diamond pattern on the lid and is made of rolled pages printed in a tiny font.
The round shape of this flowered porcelain frame is appealing and the price was right, too. It was .25 cents at a yard sale this past Saturday.
A round container that makes me think of a yo yo is a find from Manna for .40 cents.

Last but not least, this pretty plaid orb in yellow and turquoise. If it weren't for the paper box it would be the all round, all the time show today.

Till next time,

June 25, 2015

More glass already

Hey, folks, this isn't very imaginative, but it's what I came up with. I have several glass or crystal stoppers from decanters picked up at thrift shops and thought why not display them along with the smaller bottles in the terrarium? Thus, this:
They're next to the terrarium, set on a round of mirror to double the sparkle.
I may try to find a silver footed bowl the right size to put them in.
They would look great near a window. The trick is to find one where they'll be safe from cats, or else there will be more sweeping and tossing in my life and who needs that? 

If this is Friday eve to you, enjoy it!

Till next time,

June 24, 2015

Raising the bar

Hello, everyone, and how is Wednesday treating you so far? We had fun with one of the Austin daughters in to visit overnight while working in Houston. She was heading home this afternoon.

Today has been busy, and I'll have to leave again soon, but first want to show you my Manna purchase from Monday. Here it is in use on Mr. B's wine bar:
It is a large, decoupaged tray covered with labels.
It's thick and somewhat bumpy but very authentic. Not that you'd know it by my say so, being one of the wine ignorant unlike my mate.
A little close up.
We break so many glasses in this place with hard tile floors that there is no use aspiring to own fine crystal. The criteria for replacements is:

does it cost less than a dollar
will the stem fit in the dishwasher

If those requirements are met, it will go in my basket, usually at Sand Dollar. It works out well keeping this on the hutch in the dining room, too, for him to pour and splash around rather than underfoot in the kitchen where someone else is often trying to cook a meal. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, the tray was .60 cents with the sale going on Monday in housewares at Manna. Can't beat a price like that! 

I have to get ready to leave in a little while. You all stay out of trouble while I'm off at church for a couple of hours, okay? 


June 23, 2015

Out back

Hello, all, this is going to be quick since we have company coming soon. One thing that the constant rain has done is keep me from doing anything with the fairy garden. It seemed like anytime the thought of it came into my mind it was a signal to the heavens to start another deluge. Here is a pic of how it was:
It was an overgrown mess, with the gingerbread house from December still out.

With just a little spiffing up, it's now neater, if not a thing of beauty yet.
I planted some more succulents and cleaned up the furniture.
Redefined the path with pebble borders and put down sand.
But the mystery is, the fairy has flown away, evidently. It looks as if she left the gnome to house sit while she is off traveling, though.
There will definitely be more work done, but at least this is a start. It's a mystery where and why she left without a word. I thought it was gnomes who roam, not fairies!


June 22, 2015

Clear as glass

Hello, all,

I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Ours was fine and a good thing, since today I worked at Manna. Before leaving the house this morning, though, I made a start on switching out some of the decor. Here's what I went with in the end:
The terrarium on the buffet had the aquarium switched out for a variety of glass bottles, sand and shells.
A few made their way to one of the large white bookcases in the library.
Others are by the briefcase and on one of the little chairs on the folding shelf on the opposite side of the room. Glass bottles feel light and cool, both elements greatly in demand in a Texas summer, so why not try to trick the eye and mind wherever possible? To continue the beach theme, several have shells as stoppers, while others have more traditional cork. That's what I did on Monday. How about you? 


June 19, 2015

Short and sincere

Hello, all, I hope your week is winding down satisfactorily and Saturday looking good. My message today is brief, but heartfelt, aimedto avoid having anyone else make the same mistake I did. You may recall a few months ago me mentioning that a card table was set up in the living room to work puzzles on. A while back I got one that was all teacups and saucers, a huge variety with a riot of colors and patterns. It was so difficult and large (1000 pieces) that when it was finished I was looking for a little relief. So I picked this up at Manna:
The main reason was the size, only 500 pieces so it would be quicker. Could it have been possible to be any more wrong? Experience says no, or rather shouts NO! Unless your family isn't doing their job and you need outside assistance to drive you crazy don't ever try to work a puzzle made from a black and white photograph; ignore this advice at your own risk. It took me over a month to finish the border. You know, the bits with straight edges that you do first to make a frame for the rest of the picture? The rest of it was incredibly difficult, too. It annoyed me so I ignored it for a while, but finally decided to give it one last push to try and finish it once and for all. 
Success at last! The title is "Kitty Pie", and it is cute, but not enough to have turned more of my hair white and taken several years off my life as is assuredly the case.  Add this to my other pearls of wisdom, like never name a cat after a girl detective, lest yours start channeling Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden and put a safety pin on your key chain. Someday you'll have a wardrobe malfunction and be glad to have it. The moral of this story is that black and white photos are indeed dramatic and make excellent art, but when they're used for a puzzle the manufacturer has Beelzebub on its payroll. 

Have a great weekend!


June 17, 2015

It's raining, it's pouring . . .

Actually, it isn't right at the moment, but we've gotten quite a bit from what my oldest daughter refers to as "Tropical Storm Dad" for anyone who wants to solve the mystery of what my ex-husband's name was. This post barely qualifies as a drive by, but I worked at Manna again, and am short on time. Thus, a tiny display in honor of our recent weather:
this larger one hanging out with the tin pail. That's it. See, I said it was barely a drive by. See you tomorrow.


June 16, 2015

That wonderful year - 1956

Hello, all,

We're going on another trip today, courtesy of American Home magazine. This time we're heading back 59 years to June, 1956. The cover features a picture of Ed Sullivan grilling on his patio.
He looks as dynamic in the photo as my memories of him on his show.
Yes, women were expected to wear tight waists, full skirts and petticoats. No, I don't know why.
See how elegant this released victim of the horror of defrosting is dressed?
Up a ladder, yet.
Clearly, this ad was written before people were worried about satanic influences.

Here's the story about the Ed Sullivan family. Lots of Early American going on there.
And there.
You were encouraged to build this wagon thing for teen parties. Right. Sure.
But don't forget to remodel with asbestos!
The food was especially spectacular in this issue--beanburgers, anyone?
With a fancy gelatin mold for dessert, maybe?
No? How about a sub sandwich made with Spam, then? Other menu ideas include Baked Chicken Parisien served with barbecued french bread and canlis salad. No idea what that is. Wait, I hadn't read the small print. Canlis was the name of the man who came up with the recipe. Every one sounds worse than the one before. A tom-elet? Succotash salad, anyone? Tomato sherbet cocktail? Maybe I'd better stop here. 

I need to turn on the oven (not for any of the dishes from American Home!) and get ready for Mr. B's return. It won't be wearing a tiny-waisted dress, full skirt and pearls, though. He's stuck looking at me in shorts, tee shirt and Sketchers. I hope you enjoyed this trip back to the fabulous fifties. 



June 15, 2015

A new week

Hello, all, I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was nice. We got out to a nursery and bought some plants. Now, if it will stop raining long enough to get them in the ground it'll be great. We are under a flash flood watch till at least Wednesday night, courtesy of Tropical Storm Bill.

Since it was a Manna day there wasn't much time for decorating or projects, but here are a few pics of areas that have been tweaked or had some small seasonal adjustments. 
I took the books out of the birdcage and switched them with a fake fern and a miniature iron chair holding a candle.
Another view.
A close up of the chair and flower candle.
A few tropical blooms in a small pitcher added to the BoHo tray.
The shelf in the dining room with the addition of a seashell picture.
Another shell picture with a silver plate.

Off to turn on the oven.

Have a good one!


June 12, 2015

What does it mean?

Many of us never have occasion to seriously ponder the big unknowns of the world like exactly how the pyramids were built or the true meaning of Stonehenge. Much more common are issues like the one that confronted me upon my return home today after being gone several hours to a library sale. Heading to the sofa, I saw:
The cats had been in the living room during this time, at least some of them. So, what is the significance of this:
Glitter balls are usually Trixie's prey of choice, so she's the obvious suspect,  but why the precise line, nicely color coordinated in the indentation between two seat cushions? If she was making a stash, that's hardly the spot to hoard them from the rest of the furry fiends. Where is Doctor Doolittle, able to talk to the animals when perplexing mysteries like this arise? 
Have a great weekend!

June 11, 2015


I realize this is Thursday, but I'm writing about yesterday. Into the lives of most of us, Rapunzel and those who hunger for a world record being exceptions, we all need haircuts at some point. Yesterday I made my way over to 19th Street to:
 Elvis was already there. 
Customers are unbelievably loyal, and the shop is full of gifts from the past couple of decades. 
 This mannequin has an ongoing battle with a hanging fern.
Sure, this gal is missing the whole upper section of her body, but she does have nice boots!
There are multiple signs with all kinds of messages. My favorite is "I'm a beautician, not a magician".

There's a little bit of everything to look at and all kinds of folks to visit with while you wait or during your cut or color, from old ladies like me to even older ones who cross the street from the assisted living place slowly pushing their walkers, to police officers from the nearby substation, to millennial hipster types and young mothers with small children. They're so busy looking at all there is to see they forget to fuss about getting a haircut. There's always something going on and it's always fun to catch up on what's happening when haircut time rolls around again.

Have a good one,